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Quadrotech PST Flight Deck

Identify, migrate and eliminate PST files with Quadrotech PST Flight Deck by Quest. With this automated solution, you can reliably find PST files on workstations and network locations, easily identifying ownership for shared PSTs and terminated employee files. You can then migrate PST to Office 365 (including GCC and GCC High tenants) or Exchange on-prem, allowing you to modernize the use of PST data within your organization.

Our 'fixed cost, fixed outcome' PST migration service ensures successful business outcomes, so please contact us today to learn more.

Quadrotech PST Flight Deck
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Outlook PST files are poorly protected, susceptible to data leakage and easily corrupted. You can’t centralize or manage them, so tracking how many exist across the organization is challenging. They hinder accurate eDiscovery and compromise data protection compliance, so organizations are now forced to perform a PST migration to safeguard the data.

Using our intelligent software, you can audit your entire PST footprint to identify ownership, remove passwords, restore corrupt files, highlight redundant files and migrate PST to Office 365 or Exchange. Once complete, retention and data management policies can be applied – ensuring compliance, simplifying eDiscovery, protecting email data and reducing management costs.

The solution can be run in a centralized or hub-and-spoke model, including Microsoft Azure hosting. Whether migrating PST to O365 or other targets. the process can be executed with granular control, with filtering and de-duplicating capabilities.

With over a decade's experience, our PST file migration team is here to help.

PST Migration Capabilities

With the understanding that not all PST to Office 365 migration projects are the same, Quadrotech PST Flight Deck includes a fully-managed migration service with the following capabilities to ensure success.
Zero impact transition

Zero impact transition

Maintain user access to PSTs throughout the migration to minimize impact on users and the help desk. PST Flight Deck minimizes administrator intervention wherever possible, ensuring a fast migration capable of moving up to 5 TB of data per day.
PST search and identification

PST search and identification

Quickly locate PSTs and identify the owner. Discover files in locations that other solutions tend to exclude, such as local drives, attached USB devices and network shares. Intelligent scanning helps you accurately determine ownership to reduce administrative effort when preparing for migration. This even includes shared PSTs and terminated employees.
De-duplication and filtering

De-duplication and filtering

Filter old or irrelevant data and automatically remove duplicated data. This saves storage space, prevents redundant data in the target and reduces license cost for archives.
Consolidated back-up

Consolidated back-up

Optionally, create a central backup of the uploaded data on a generic storage location to protect the user’s data.
Audit-ready reporting

Audit-ready reporting

View management summaries, capacity planning reports and chain of custody audits for all users and files.
Active Directory-based prioritization

Active Directory-based prioritization

Organize and filter users according to department, site and other Active Directory properties. This flexibility allows you to accurately plan your migration.
Apple support

Apple support

PST Flight Deck has the option of an Apple agent to address OLM and PST files on your Apple computers. This helps you address your Apple and Windows user base together and centralize all user email back into Exchange!

PST Migration Service

Our unique combination of PST migration software and experienced delivery team can help you modernize the use of PSTs by moving the data into Office 365. Please contact our expert team to discuss your PST migration project.

FAQs - PST Flight Deck

The tool automatically de-duplicates all PST file content on an item-level basis, to ensure that backup and duplicate content does not end up in the target system.

PST Flight Deck will process files according to the ownership details, but rather than just accept that these details are correct it has a built-in 8-factor mechanism to verify file ownership.

If discrepancies are found, for example if more than one owner is detected, PST Flight Deck will automatically notify operators who can verify ownership and assign the correct owner prior to ingestion.

Yes, PST Flight Deck can remove passwords and process the file contents.
PST Flight Deck can repair corrupted files using industry best practices. This is done automatically by removing this administrative burden and migrating as much data as possible.

Tech Specs

  • Minimum 6, 8 Recommended
  • Minimum 8GB, 12GB recommended
  • 10GB of Free Space
  • Cache space for PST processing
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.5 or later
  • NET Framework 3.5 and 4.5
  • Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • SQL Server 2016 or later

For a full list of system requirements, see the compatibility guide.

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