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Advanced Office 365 Reporting Tool

Quadrotech’s Office 365 reporting software delivers an extensive set of granular and customizable reports that span data sources and admin centers to make powerful reporting easy.

Based on years of Office 365 reporting experience, Nova delivers the insights you need to make fast decisions and manage your licenses, user adoption, mail flow, security settings, permissions, storage optimization, and much more.

Get a glimpse under the hood of our Office 365 reporting software in this short video showcasing the most popular reports accessed by our ever-growing community of IT pros:


Nova: Office 365 Reporting Software

Our intelligent Office 365 reporting tool provides comprehensive dashboarding with over 100 customizable reports, empowering IT admins to:

  • Drill-down based on AD attributes: Departments, locations, users, custom properties, and more
  • Multiple Data Source Reports: Oversee data from various workloads, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange, Yammer, and the audit log
  • Richer Office 365 Reports: Our reports combine multiple data sources with an extensive charting library, allowing you to create heat maps, double pie charts, a world map, and much more
  • Expanded Microsoft Teams Reporting: Full view of individual team and user statistics
  • Include audit log data: Reports include data directly from the audit log, such as count of failed logins.

The application delivers far more granular information than the built-in Office 365 reporting functionality and enables you to export, schedule, and share insights across your entire organization in a secure and controlled manner. While native reports are limited to 90 days, Nova allows you to track activity indefinitely.

Customer review

Customer review - Office 365 reporting software

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Office 365 Reporting Dashboards

Example dashboard within our Office 365 reporting software

Our fully-itemized Office 365 license management reports detect unused and incorrectly assigned Office 365 licenses. Use this to optimize areas where you have expensive or too many licenses to save a large chunk of your IT investment. Our recent study found that, on average, a 10,000-person organization wastes $150K a year, so this is a must-have report.

Mail Traffic Flow - a popular feature of O365 reporting tools

Our daily dashboards demonstrate if your tenant traffic is healthy by investigating the volume of spam and malware entering and leaving your users’ mailboxes. Access a fully-itemized view of your users’ data usage when sending and receiving mail, allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions on Office 365 adoption and licensing.

Office 365 Reporting Software Screenshot of Empty OneDrives Office 365 Reporting Software Screenshot of Mailboxes Below 5 MB

Using these reports helps you correlate with any ‘Out of Office’ or other user types. This is a good indication of where your licenses can be recycled.

Global Admins report - Office 365 reporting tool

It’s important to keep track of who has administrative roles, particularly in large organizations. These reports can help you avoid the critical issue of privilege creep. It also helps you identify whether your Admins are using their account for administrative tasks only – for security best practice – as opposed to regular usage, which isn’t recommended.

Office 365 reporting software: - Security dashboard

Not only is this an advanced Office 365 security report, but you will also receive alerts for instances of suspicious sign-ins, such as improbable travel. The Office 365 reporting tool highlights login attempts against sensitive accounts, such as brute force attempts, password stuffing, and more. To keep you secure 24/7, for out of hours remediation, we’ll send your Security Operations team SMS alerts for any suspicious activity.

Security Settings

Password management: See when your users last changed their password, and who has MFA enabled.

Keep an eye on your Admins: Office 365 Admins have higher privileges and can make various changes to your environment. Ensure that the right people are assigned this role, remove any inactive admins, and audit precise permissions carefully.

Mobile Device Management: Employee’s personal devices can pose a risk to corporate data if they’re not governed or secured correctly. Find out who is connecting to Office 365 using their mobile device, the device details, what policies have been set, and if there are any inactive devices.

FAQs - Nova O365 Reporting

A. We collect information from your Office 365 tenant every 24 hours.

A. Nova runs on Amazon Web Services, with servers physically located in the North East of the USA. These cloud services are protected by certified security practices, and Safe-Harbour Certified for compliance with EU Data Protection Requirements.

EU data hosting is now available for some subscription types. For more information about Nova and EU Data Protection, please visit our EU Data Protection FAQs or contact us.

A. We take security very seriously and have built Nova to OWASP security guidelines:

Nova runs within a Secure Private Network on the Amazon Web Services cloud, physically located in the North East of the USA. The Amazon Data centers are protected by certified security practices.

Customer data is logically separated in our back-end databases and is only accessible by senior Administrators. User account passwords are securely encrypted and stored within our database.

User accounts can be additionally secured using Two Factor Authentication which is available to all users free of charge.

All the components of our infrastructure communicate with each other over an encrypted SSL channel.

A. Nova has various options for sharing data securely, including scheduled reports which are automatically emailed to your chosen recipient, publishing a dashboard, emailing and saving a report, or alerting based on specific events.

A. Every report has multiple methods to configure the data shown, but it can vary from report to report. There is a customizable table in every report, where you can add or remove different data fields. Most reports have a chart, which is also fully customizable, you can change the chart type, the date range, and toggle the data points on or off.

O365 Reporting Tools at your fingertips

To learn more about our powerful Office 365 reporting software, please contact our specialist team.

We’ll happily demo our solution and answer all your questions about Office 365 reporting and analytics, and how our Nova management platform can empower your IT team.