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Office 365 Multi-Tenant Management

Office 365 tenant management can be quite challenging due to the various workloads, admin consoles and data sources that comprise Office 365. This is compounded by a very high rate of change and limited native cross-workload management capabilities.

These challenges multiply as the number of tenants increases. Managing five tenants is much more difficult than managing just one, and the degree of difficulty isn’t linear. As the number of tenants increases, many organizations review tenant consolidation regularly as it is difficult to manage multiple Office 365 tenants.

However, consolidation isn’t always possible. Some organizations need to retain several tenants to preserve the autonomy of administrative control for operating entities, business units or brands.

Office 365 Multi-Tenant Management

Challenges of Office 365 Multi-Tenant Management

Poor visibility

Every tenant is an island that needs to be viewed and managed as a separate entity making it even harder to gain a detailed view across all the tenants.

Reporting is time-consuming

Getting accurate information about license purchases, renewals and usage across tenants is time-consuming and difficult.

Lack of control

Centralized IT functions struggle to achieve the level of visibility and control necessary for them to do their jobs effectively. This can result in inconsistent service delivery, licenses being out of compliance, licenses being non-cost effective, long investigations, weak governance and service desk coverage issues.

Decentralized management

Decentralized IT functions face the problems inherent in having multiple logically separate tenants that are managed from different places by different people. Maintaining visibility and control over such estates requires a great deal of extra work.

Inconsistencies of settings and policies

Ensuring consistency of settings and policies across tenants can be supremely difficult. This is problematic in both onboarding new tenants and in preventing unwanted tenant changes.

Difficult to share best practices

It is hard for distributed tenants to leverage each other’s operational best practices.

No delegated administration

There is no mechanism to delegate administrative privileges across tenants, which means you can’t spread work between tenant admins to handle bursts of work or emergencies.

Hard to maintain rapid pace of change

Attempting to keep up with the rapid pace of change driven by Microsoft in addition to the change required by your own business is difficult across multiple tenants.

Barriers to managing adoption

It isn’t easy to measure, monitor and proactively increase adoption rates across tenants to maximize the value of your Office 365 investment.

Problematic service quality monitoring

Monitoring service quality when your users and their services are distributed and constantly in motion is problematic.

Manage Multiple Office 365 Tenants with Quadrotech Nova

Quadrotech Nova Office 365 tenant management software provides integrated reporting, delegation, policy control and service quality monitoring from a single SaaS platform, giving IT administrators and MSPs deeper visibility and control of multi-tenant environments.

Key benefits

Quadrotech Nova makes it easier and more efficient to manage multiple Office 365 tenants with flexible tools for defining and managing the organizational hierarchy across and between tenants. Tenants can also be grouped together for reporting purposes by geography, brand, industry, operating entity or other criteria that you select.

Ensure correct admin rights

Ensure administrative rights are at the correct level anywhere in the organization, across and between tenants.

Safely delegate access

Safely delegate the right level of access to every level of the organization, from self-service for front-line workers to selected privileges for branch office/small office managers.

Reduce multiple logins

Eliminate multiple logins for central IT staff.

Enhance license management

Manage your Microsoft Office 365 licenses. Bring license usage, spending and adoption under control so that you buy only what you need.

Increase adoption and ROI

Use the licenses you’ve bought – design and run adoption campaigns that coach and encourage users to use the workloads you’re paying for, boosting their productivity and improving your ROI.

Limit sensitive data visibility

Limit visibility of sensitive data using Quadrotech Nova Virtual Business Boundaries to ensure that people at every level of the organization see only the data you want them to view.

Industry Recognition


Quadrotech Nova (mentioned as Quest Software) was listed in the targeted app governance supplier functionality segment in the August 2021 Now Tech: Software-As-A-Service Operations Solutions, Q3 2021.


Quadrotech (a Quest company) was named a Representative Vendor in the February 2021 Gartner Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms.

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