Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration

Mastering Office 365 Tenant Migration

It’s easy to underestimate the challenges of an Office 365 tenant to tenant migration. As the source and target are the same platform, it’s tempting to think your project will be straightforward. However, tenant migrations are highly-complex, and projects can soon become exhausting marathons that overrun.

Quadrotech’s experienced consulting and operations teams specialize in Office 365 tenant to tenant migration, having executed some of the world’s largest consolidation projects.

We deliver a fixed price, fixed outcome service that enables you to focus on running your business rather than the underlying complexities of an Office 365 tenant migration. Learn more about the benefits of our managed service in this short video:

Why is Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration so Challenging?

While source and target may be the same, tenant migrations are complicated as they involve managing an intricate set of configurations across two or more tenants. As the migration is conducted over  APIs that frequently change – and bearing in mind tenants were never designed to be moved in the first place – this makes a cross-tenant migration just as problematic as moving to an entirely new system.

The rate of change in Office 365 is extremely high, with key elements of the underlying infrastructure, such as throttle policies and authentication mechanisms, subject to change, as well as features and functions. The Graph API changelog demonstrates the sheer number of additions, updates, and removals every month, many of which will have a material impact on your O365 tenant to tenant migration.

Migrating data is further complicated by the nature of Office 365, which is an interlinked set of workloads that lack native tooling to support migration. Clearly, it’s important to understand how workloads interact with each other in production, but it’s also necessary to understand their interaction during migration.

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration

This is vital to determine what to pre-sync, when to cutover, and what migration elements require close coordination. For example, Teams migrations rely on SharePoint as a document management backbone, which means they need to be co-ordinated with SharePoint migrations to avoid excessive throttling.

Interdependencies between workloads are increasing. This has made migrations less easy to divide into phases, which has long been a preferred means of minimizing end-user impact. To avoid disruption, much larger groups of users are moved at once – potentially increasing project risk.

Keeping your users productive and avoiding disruption should be one of your Office 365 tenant migration’s key goals. The other main goal will be hitting your project deadline – which is often set by a merger or an acquisition. Meeting the deadline with little in the way of native tools, frequent change, and high complexity levels requires a well-defined process.

Unfortunately, with such a high rate of change, unless an organization is executing Office 365 tenant to tenant migration projects every few months, even a well-defined process will be subject to significant re-work based on the rate of change.

Expert Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Service

Having performed some of the most complex Office 365 tenant migrations in the world, we keep our process current with Microsoft’s workloads and APIs daily, enabling you to focus on the business aspects of the migration, such as determining business and user requirements and ensuring helpdesk and end-user readiness –  all of which takes a considerable amount of time.

Our experience enables us to offer a fixed price, fixed outcome service, which transforms a complex set of variables into a well-defined tenant migration workflow:

Office 365 tenant to tenant migration processs

The consulting team provides expert advice to get the project moving quickly. This includes scoping, design, review, and answering questions based on our many previous engagements. The team also provides oversight for the entire project and can re-engage at any point if required.

The global operations team consists of three shifts that can work around the clock. The team are experts in both the well-defined process and using our Office 365 tenant to tenant migration tool, Cloud Commander, which is capable of sustaining 1 TB / hour for Exchange Online data.

The team will manage the lists of users to be migrated, monitor the system, and provide status updates to keep your project on track and meet the migration windows.

Your Office 365 Tenant Migration

Performing an Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is inherently complex with many moving parts, but our expert team can guide you through the planning stages before executing a rapid migration.

Both our consultants and operations teams work with your project managers, IT teams, and select partners as part of a coordinated process in delivering a successful outcome. We quickly establish an operational cadence, and our proven methodology vastly reduces the number of unknowns.

We have many repeat customers on the basis of successful outcomes delivered across multiple projects, from one to one integration to 120+ tenant consolidation. To discuss your Office 365 tenant to tenant migration project, please complete the form below and our team will be in touch.