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Microsoft Teams Migration

Since the recent digital transformation of the global workforce to a virtual landscape, the adoption of Microsoft Teams has rapidly accelerated and become a necessary workload for organizations worldwide.

Initially, the focus of an Office 365 tenant to tenant migration was just Microsoft Exchange or OneDrive. Now the scope of these projects has broadened significantly, as Microsoft Teams migration to another tenant has become a critical step in successful mergers, acquisitions and divestitures because of the vast amount of valuable business data that is contained within Teams.

Migrate Microsoft Teams to another tenant: What you need to know 04:03

Why is migrating Teams to another tenant so troublesome?

migrating Teams to another tenant so troublesome
The answer is simple – there is no native functionality to migrate Teams from one tenant to another. Only until recently did Microsoft release APIs that can read and write data, and this is still not inclusive with some areas having no migration option. Fortunately, the ecosystem is improving as Microsoft provides more capabilities over time.

What are common challenges with Teams migration?

What are common challenges with Teams migration?
Teams migrations pose another major migration challenge because it is several applications in one and the tool has been rapidly adopted. This can catch organizations off guard when they need to migrate it. If the migration is not scoped, planned and executed properly, there can be extensive impacts. With most tenant-to-tenant Teams migration projects they are related to a merger, acquisition or divestiture. The high utilization of Microsoft Teams and the fast pace of these projects can be quite a challenge.

What to look for in a Teams migration vendor?

What to look for in a Teams migration vendor?
It is important that you choose a product and company that has extensive Microsoft Teams migration experience. Knowledge and experience are integral in the planning process, as we identify potential time-consuming issues that will need to be mitigated regarding what can and cannot be migrated. This produces the best project outcomes and keeps your users collaborating effectively.

The Quadrotech method to Microsoft Teams migration

Migrate Microsoft Teams to another tenant: What you need to know 04:03

At Quadrotech, we work within the limitations of the APIs to provide as many options as possible so you can make the right decision for the project and for your organization. In some cases, this necessitates different options for different Teams.

To determine which approach will deliver the most successful outcome for your project, our expert consulting team will work with your project managers, IT teams and select partners to properly scope, design and review the best possible solution. The consulting team also provides oversight for the entire project and can re-engage at any point if necessary. This collaborative approach allows us to give users the best experience possible when migrating Microsoft Teams between tenants.

Microsoft Teams migration options

Our most popular option is to migrate channel chat messages into the target team. While at this time the Microsoft API does not support impersonation of users and backdating messages, we can stream item metadata into the chat message. We are also able to preserve message replies.

The second option is to migrate all supported chat data into a file, with the file placed into a target team or a centralized team for discovery. These two options can then be combined in several different ways to meet your needs.

We also support pre-syncing to help us migrate as many teams as possible in large cutover migrations. This allows us to work within restrictive throttling conditions, keeping your project, and associated timelines on track.
Working with an experienced Microsoft Teams migration vendor

Working with an experienced Microsoft Teams migration vendor

Working with an experienced migration vendor partner reduces risk, ensuring the job is done right the first time with reduced errors and increased efficacy. Quadrotech managed services have been successfully migrating organizations’ email data since 2011 and have migrated over 16 petabytes and millions of users for hundreds of enterprise customers. 

Having performed some of the most complex Office 365 tenant to tenant migrations globally, we keep our process current with Microsoft’s workloads and APIs daily. This enables you to focus on the business aspects of the migration, such as determining business and user requirements and ensuring helpdesk and end-user readiness – all of which takes a considerable amount of time.

Both our consultants and operations teams work with your project managers, IT teams, and select partners as part of a coordinated process in delivering a successful outcome. We quickly establish an operational cadence, and our proven methodology vastly reduces the number of unknowns.

We have many repeat customers based on successful outcomes delivered across multiple projects, from one-to-one integration to 120+ tenant consolidation.

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