Migrate Enterprise Vault to Office 365

Enterprise Vault to Office 365 Migration

Veritas Enterprise Vault uses highly available (HA) storage, and that can be an effective option for vault store partitions and indexes. However, storage protection in that environment can be difficult, complicated, and expensive. Additionally, EV commonly uses Microsoft or Veritas clustering technologies to address failover of a server. Seamless failover requires the maintenance of a reliable copy of all data stored by EV in a secondary disaster recovery location, and that this copy is accessible, current, and available when failure occurs. Again, this can lead to additional cost and maintenance demands.

Changing your EV storage platform

During the lifecycle of your EV implementation, the underlying storage platform may change. Storage products may be swapped out, the product’s lifecycle may be at an end, or it may require replacement as part of an overall IT infrastructure review. Updating Enterprise Vault storage platforms can be expensive and difficult to implement, which poses a challenge to business continuity.

Enterprise Vault Backup Best Practice

Our solution, EVnearSync enables you to backup your Enterprise Vault data, the essential first step in moving between platforms – such as migrating Enterprise Vault to Office 365. Once the data is replicated, the migration can then be executed by Archive Shuttle, our advanced email archive migration tool.

Your Enterprise Vault project

If you need to backup or migrate your Enterprise Vault archives to Office 365 or Exchange Online, please fill out the form below and our expert data migration team will be in touch to discuss your project and offer a quote.

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EVnearSync is a replication tool. The solution manages the process of creating a reliable second copy of each archived item. This eliminates the need to take Enterprise Vault offline for backups – as you can take backups of the replicated data. In the event of a failure, users are able to connect to the secondary copy in seconds, instead of waiting hours for backups to be restored.


  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO: maximum allowed data loss): zero
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO: time to restore after disaster): seconds
  • Integrates transparently with EV
  • Replicates Vault Store partitions (CIFS), index volumes, Microsoft SQL Database dumps
  • Can replicate any LUN or UNC Path to any LUN or UNC Path
  • Live statistics
  • Assures consistency of your data with MD5 or SHA256 hashes
  • Built-in failover procedure (automatic or manual)
  • Initial replication for closed and open Vault Store partitions
  • Advanced reporting and email alerting

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