Secure, trusted, automated solutions for a smarter environment.

Migrating your data and moving to a new environment can feel like a large, daunting task – full of hidden obstacles, and new, unfamiliar challenges.

No matter the size or complexity of your migration project, our solutions can deliver a fast, seamless transition.

Once you’ve moved into Office 365, use our advanced reporting applications to support better management, control, and understanding of how your new environment is being used.

Technically Speaking

Powering migration of email archives, Microsoft Exchange and PST files.

Business Impact

Reduce the business impact of email migration.

Eradicating PST files? Check out our eBook: by Paul Cunningham (MVP), Dan Clark and edited by Tony Redmond (MVP)!

Our Solutions


Our email and archive migration solutions are optimized to make the most of the available resources whatever the amount of data to be migrated.  Whether migrating 1TB or in excess of 250 TB Quadrotec (...)

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Quadrotech is trusted by some of the world's largest companies. For some trust is being able to rely on chain-of-custody preservation, for others it is about having the right relationship and access (...)

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Automation is critical to ensure success and reduce costs. Through automation millions of dollars can be saved compared to manually controlled projects. The risk of things going wrong is massively (...)

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Our solutions deliver fast export and ingestion of emails when migrating live or archived content. Our unique multi-threaded architecture and Sync ’n’ Switch approach allocates resources to migrat (...)

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Get ready for GDPR

While Office 365 contains lots of features that can help you manage GDPR, Quadrotech technologies deliver additional capabilities to close some of the gaps.


  • PST Flight Deck can help you eliminate PSTs and make sure that the content they hold is online, discoverable, and auditable.
  • Radar Reporting will help you understand what content you have within Office 365 and the security and auditing module enables you to respond to PII breaches in line with GDPR – even if those incidents happen outside the 90-day window for audit data retention inside Office 365.

Find out more about data retention for audit events (and why it’s so important) here.

About Quadrotech

We enable organizations to make their Microsoft Cloud smarter, secure, and efficient, ensuring businesses get the most out of their IT investment.

By providing a suite of migration products, Quadrotech helps enterprises move data into and out of Office 365, or from cloud to cloud. Once the migration is complete, our advanced Office 365 reporting applications show how employees are using and configuring the service, and IT admins, or security and compliance teams can protect and audit their environment using detailed, filterable activity logs. Finally, we also offer a sophisticated management solution to streamline Office 365 administration, and make management simple, the tool can be used to delegate control of Office 365 to other users in the company with enhanced security and flexibility. Achieve smarter migration, reporting, security, and management with Quadrotech.