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Cloud Commander: The Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool for Large Enterprises

Quadrotech’s powerful Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool, Cloud Commander, enables collaboration between O365 tenants and delivers a systematic, structured approach for migrating data between tenants. 

Cloud Commander currently offers migration capabilities for Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

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What Makes Quadrotech’s Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool Different? 

Cloud Commander installs in your Azure environment, delivering security, privacy, scalability, and control. Or, if you prefer, Quadrotech can host it in our Azure instance.  This allows the environment to match your project, not the other way around. 

With our focus on automation and reducing end-user impacts, we focus on a good project outcome, not just migrating data. 

Quadrotech also has automation options for executing custom PowerShell commands wherever needed, including on-prem connectors. This allows for automated workflows that can reach wherever needed. It also allows for the update of both source and target on-premises Active Directory objects, facilitating the migration and coexistence for those in a hybrid deployment.  

The fastest O365 to O365 migration projectss are those closest to the data, and by deploying in Azure, the solution can leverage this proximity and command top speeds for your data transfer, capable of hitting 1TB/ hour for Exchange Online.   

Two clouds representing Quadrotech's Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool

How will Cloud Commander improve your Office 365 to Office 365 migration? 

A. Cloud Commander utilizes several APIs to get the best throughput for each workload. A good example is our Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) technology to export and import Exchange data to achieve rapid data transfer rates. When we combine AIP with other features like mailbox parallelism, batch size, and item grouping, the speed of the Exchange migration accelerates significantly, shortening project timelines by weeks or even months.

We use the fastest methods for each workload. more rapid Office 365 to Office 365 migration also enables you to get back to business as usual quicker and speed-up the onboarding process for users who are new to the tenant, enabling better collaboration for new teams. 


The Reconfiguration Agent is installed on end-user workstations, eliminating the need for user interaction in the migration process. This feature resets the entire Office 365 suite for a complete experience. 

There is an option to deliver in the user’s local language, and it resets the Office license to prevent errors. These updates happen automatically, keeping end-users working and reducing migration-related help desk tickets, which results in happy and productive users.

It also means less manual intervention for your IT Teams, freeing up their time to focus on the overall rollout and strategy., which is not to be underestimated when you migrate O365  to O365.

Cloud Commander supports migrations from Office 365 to on-premises Exchange systems and from on-premises Exchange systems to Office 365. These scenarios are prevalent for companies undertaking merger, acquisition, or divestiture projects with different cloud priorities. 

By spanning on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online, Cloud Commander allows you to maintain collaboration and meet compliance and regulatory requirements more readily.   

Naturally, Office 365 to Office 365 migration projects that have the best planning have the best outcomes.

Our Office 365 reporting software, Nova, supports pre-migration data collection and analysis for Cloud Commander projects. The output from these reports highlights challenges and roadblocks and aids in selecting your migration waves based on logical user groupings tied to collaboration and workload usage.

With smart and data-informed planning, you will minimize the risk of unexpected project delays. 

Migrate O365 to O365 in record time

Whether you need to migrate one O365 tenant to another or consolidate numerous tenants into a single service, Cloud Commander is capable of industry-leading data transfer speeds, backed up by our expert team.

Our O365 to O365 migration consultants have been at the forefront of tenant consolidation projects, having recently helped one organization merge 120 individual tenants into a single service.

We specialize in helping firms that regularly engage in MnA activity, and our experienced team is on hand to not only oversee the migration tool but also advise on migration waves, i.e. which users should be batched and migrated together to ensure business continuity.

Some Office 365 to Office 365 migration vendors will tell you good performance for the ExO workload is in the 20-70 GB an hour range, and the chart below outlines how many hours/days that will take compared to Cloud Commander, which is capable of 1 TB/hour speeds:

GB/Hour  Hours  Days 
20 1000.0 50.0
70 285.7 14.3
150 133.3 6.7
300 66.7 3.3
500 40.0 2.0
750 26.7 1.3
1TB 19.5

Migration days are defined as 20 hours, which allows for overhead. Using our 1 TB/hour record as a guide. we can sync entire tenants in 19.5 hours.

FAQs - Cloud Commander

A. The how changes depending on the workload we’re movingHere’s a look at how Cloud Commander migrates Exchange in an Office 365 to Office 365 migration.

Once we deploy Cloud Commander,we match the source and target mailboxes, and they enter a migration wave. Then we schedule these migration waves to move the data. 

Once enabled for migration,Quadrotech’s AIP technology facilitates the fast transfer of Exchange data. 

Once the data has migrated,mailboxes are completed or switched. With the custom script engine, Cloud Commander will adjust Active Directory, Azure AD, or Exchange Online objects to complete the migration and enable coexistence.  

Finally, a workstation agent initiates to automatically update the Office Suite, including Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. 

A. Currently, Microsoft does not have a built-in Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool available to the public. Microsoft has limited options for cross-tenant migrations, and many of thehave been in long-running preview programs that can be quite limiting. 

For smaller projects with a low volume of data, Microsoft has outlined a manual approach, but even then, the process can be complicated, especially if you’ve never done it beforeIf you have more than 500 users or a large amount of data to migrate, Microsoft recommends working with a third-party O365 to O365 migration vendor.

Fun fact: Quadrotech Cloud Commander is a co-sell prioritized solution in Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace! 

Unlike the free, manual alternatives, Quadrotech built Cloud Commander specifically for enterprise organizations with large quantities of data, users, and tenants.

Cloud Commander uses the most efficient means possible for each workload it supports – ExO, ODfB, SPO, and MS Teams. The solution utilizes Quadrotech’s proprietary Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) technology that migrates email exceptionally quickly (up to 1 TB/hour), even across regions.

Cloud Commander’s speed, combined with script engines and endpoint Reconfiguration Agent creates a complete solution for your O365 to O365 migration needs.    

Mergers & Acquisitions: How to Plan Your Office 365 Tenant Migration Strategy

When you need to migrate Office 365 to Office 365, some vendors will sell you the software and leave you to your own devices to figure it out with little support

Many of these vendors and their tools are focused on small and medium businesses (SMBs) that are undertaking straightforward migration projects with lower data volume. Genereally, these solutions and models don’t scale well as a project grows or becomes complex.

Also, the SaaS implementation of other solutions has drawbacks, such as limited data throughput and compliance challengesWith Cloud Commander, you get the flexibility to host the system yourselfwhile achieving industry-leading speeds.    

We built Cloud Commander with the enterprise in mind, and Quadrotech delivers our Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool as part of a fully-managed Office 365 tenant to tenant migration service to ensure your project is a success. 

A. Yes, Cloud Commander is powered by Microsoft Azure in a serverless architecture using cost-effective Azure components rather than full virtual machines. The resource requirements for Cloud Commander directly correlate to the number of users and the respective data volume for those users. Since Azure resources are scalable, you might choose to start with lower requirements and ramp up as the project grows.  

Depending on your organization’s needs around data privacy, control, speed, and resources, you can choose to host Cloud Commander in your Azure environment or Quadrotech’s Azure environment. 

Cloud Commander has a robust script engine that is very flexible and customizable. We can execute PowerShell commands in the source or target as well as on-premises or Office 365. If you can perform the function in PowerShell, we can put it into our workflow engine.

There are default scripts that copy over mailbox permissions, apply delegates, and map user permissions as you migrate Office 365 to Office 365 tenants. You can run advanced custom scripts as well. One of our customers has a 30-step automated workflow for users to run through. 

Quadrotech’s expert team will guide you through the planning stages before executing a rapid move, helping you hit your milestones by drastically reducing project timelines.   

A. Cloud Commander supports migrating to separate domains.

This scenario is prevalent for acquisitions for partial companies or situations where companies will take on the new branding.  

A, To handle an Office 365 to Office 365 migration – same domain, Cloud Commander supports pre-syncing to temporary addresses allowing for support of a Sync n Switch scenario.

The workflow engine has steps to change the domain in the middle of migration as needed. This situation is common when users need to retain their branding during the data move. 

Performing an Office 365 to Office 365 migration is inherently involved with many moving parts, and we’ve seen migration projects and organizations suffer because the O365 to O365 migration tool they chose did not come with necessary support and guidance.  

Therefore, we package our Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool as a fully-managed migration service. Our customers experience higher success rates and smoother transitions when we deliver the software and service together. Focus on your users while Quadrotech takes care of the data migration.  

Cloud Commander - Quadrotech's Office 365 to Office 365 migration software

Are you ready to start planning your Office 365 to Office 365 migration project?  

Quadrotech’s Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool, Cloud Commander, is the fastest, most enterprise-ready tool on the market due to its Azure architecture, AIP technology, and customizable automation.

If you’re looking to reduce project timelines, keep your users happy and productive, and get back to business faster, Quadrotech is standing by ready to help.

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