Office 365 Service Monitoring

Monitor Office 365 Service Health

One of the biggest challenges for every Office 365 administrator is knowing when the service is having problems. Another is figuring out the most likely cause of problems when they do occur so that you can engage the right troubleshooting resources.

Quadrotech Nova watches the performance and availability of the global Microsoft 365 service network so you don’t have to – alerting you when a service or workload has performance or capacity problems.

Nova will also keep watch on your network and compare results to help isolate issues. These capabilities also enable Nova to identify service degradation before it impacts users. 

Office 365 Availability Monitoring

When a user raises an Office 365 support problem, the Service Desk operator needs to rapidly isolate the issue: Is the problem limited to that user? Is it a problem in a given office location (meaning more calls will follow)? Or does the cause lie with Microsoft Services? 

Until that question is resolved, it’s difficult to make progress on the incident or know whether to engage internal resources, your Internet provider, or Microsoft.

Conventional network monitoring tools don’t reach beyond your firewall but can give you a terrifically accurate view of what’s happening inside it— but Microsoft can’t see your network and you can’t see theirs. Tools such as Microsoft’s Office 365 Service Health Dashboard are limited to Microsoft’s network and don’t show whether a specific issue is impacting the users and locations you care about.   

Without a combined view of both your network and Microsoft’s services, isolating incidents and identifying their root causes can be challenging. Isolating a single user’s problem might require asking a set of questions, followed by running a remote session to the user’s laptop, and delving into Microsoft’s Service Health page to review incidents and advisories. Now, consider what has to be done when a single incident affects dozens, hundreds, or thousands of your users all at once!   

Nova Office 365 Service Monitoring

With Nova, you avoid wasted time and ineffective troubleshooting by proactively alerting you of potential problems, spotlighting possible root causes, and keeping you fully informed of how incidents impact your users in your locations.

Nova combines public beacons that monitor Microsoft data centers and private beacons that run at your locations to perform passive network inspection, conduct tests using Microsoft-provided test APIs, and synthetic transactions to identify the source of the problem.   

Synthetic transactions accurately mimic real operations to measure Microsoft service performance. The combination of data from private and public beacons help Nova to identify whether the problem is restricted to a user, an office location, or originates from a Microsoft Datacenter. Nova monitors Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams, Active Directory Federation Services, Azure AD, and other data sources to detect and isolate service issues quickly. This provides an essential new tool to the Service Desk to isolate the problem and address the user’s issue more rapidly.  

You can find more information how Nova can help Service Desk teams resolve calls first time here.

In addition to helping you find and fix the root cause of outages, Nova provides proactive automated alerts to tell you when performance or service quality thresholds are breached – such as when Teams voice quality drops and jitter is above a certain threshold, or when the connection to Exchange Online is slow and liable to time out, restricting user’s access to their mailboxes.

Nova monitors: 

  • Teams voice quality, latency, packet loss, and jitter 
  • Exchange Online mailbox and Autodiscover connectivity, mail routing, and calendar access 
  • Exchange ActiveSync mobile device connectivity 
  • OneDrive file upload and download 
  • Active Directory Federation Services connectivity 
  • URL-based monitoring for load balancers, mobile device management, and other endpoints 

With businesses more reliant than ever on remote collaboration, the case to invest in Service Monitoring to proactively identify service degradation and rapidly isolate incidents is strong. 

Service Monitoring forms part of the Nova Office 365 Management Software, a set of integrated components and services that work together to provide deeper operational visibility and control of your Microsoft Office 365 environment – all in one interface.  

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