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Migrate Exchange Online to Another Tenant

If you need to migrate email from one Office 365 tenant to another, Quadrotech’s Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool, Cloud Commander, delivers a systematic approach with sustained transfer speeds of 1 TB / hour for Exchange Online data.

To avoid disruption, large groups of users must be moved together in either a staged migration or ‘Big Bang’ cutover. The unique combination of software we deploy when performing an Exchange Online migration allows us to expertly plan and execute your cross-tenant move at speeds that far exceed any other solution on the market.

Cloud Commander has been used by multiple Fortune 50 companies, and we specialize in helping firms that regularly engage in M&A activity. Learn more about the Exchange Online migration process in this short video:

Streamline Your Exchange Online Tenant to Tenant Migration

Desirable Deployment Conditions – Cloud Commander deploys in Microsoft Azure. This allows either you or Quadrotech to host the tool while delivering security, speed, privacy, and control. With Cloud Commander being powered by Azure, we can easily scale the environment to match your project, not the other way around. This is also ideal for multi-geo relocations by allowing deployment in the optimal location for performance

Custom Workflow & Automation Capabilities – Our main focus is on automation and reducing end-user impacts in order to produce good project outcomes – not just migrating the data. Cloud Commander can customize the migration workflow to meet customer requirements and tight deadlines using a combination of out-of-box automation, script engine, Microsoft Office Client Reconfiguration, and reporting.

Quadrotech has automation options for executing custom PowerShell commands wherever needed, including on-prem environments. While other vendors have some basic automation capabilities, Cloud Commander can execute scripts at an advanced level, with high-levels of customization, in the source or target, either on-premises or in Office 365/Azure, facilitating the migration and coexistence for those in a hybrid deployment. These scripts are used to automate the project and significantly reduce manual intervention.

Designed to meet the Performance Requirements of Large Enterprise Environments – Not every vendor is equipped to migrate the amount of data that comes with an enterprise customer. In fact, many vendors designed their software for up to 500 users where performance is not a critical requirement.

Cloud Commander is the fastest, most enterprise-ready tool on the market due to its Azure architecture, AIP technology, and customizable automation. Our software was built to scale up and meet the needs of substantial enterprise customers, and no amount of data is too large. We’ve migrated Petabytes worth of data between tenants, while also working on the world’s largest tenant consolidation project – helping one organization merge 137 individual tenants into a single tenant.

How Cloud Commander Works for Exchange Online Migration

How the software functions will depend on the workload we’re moving, but here’s a snapshot of how Cloud Commander would migrate Exchange Online to another tenant:

  • Once Cloud Commander is deployed, we match the source and target mailboxes, and they enter a migration wave. Then we schedule these migration waves to pre-sync as much data as possible.
  • For Microsoft Exchange, Quadrotech uses our proprietary AIP technology to migrate huge volumes of data quickly.
  • As soon as the data has migrated, mailboxes are completed, or ‘switched’. Then Cloud Commander’s workflow engine can migrate delegates, folder and mailbox permissions, custom categories, Out of Office Messages, and more.
  • With our custom script engine, Cloud Commander can adjust Active Directory, Azure AD, Exchange Online, On-Prem system and so much more. Together with the workflow engine, you can focus on your project, not running scripts in the middle of the night.
  • Lastly, a workstation agent initiates to facilitate changing the user’s profile to the new tenant including the Microsoft 365 Office license, Outlook, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. The prompts can be deployed in several languages including language auto-detection to allow a smooth experience worldwide.

Improve Your Exchange Online Tenant to Tenant Migration

Rapid data migrations – Cloud Commander utilizes several APIs to get the best throughput for each workload. A good example is our Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) technology to export and import Exchange data to achieve rapid data transfer rates. We use a flexible architecture that combines AIP with other features like mailbox parallelism, batch size, and item grouping, accelerating the speed of your Exchange Online migration significantly, saving weeks or even months on project timelines.

We also use the fastest methods for each workload. A more rapid tenant migration enables you to get back to ‘business as usual’ quicker and speed-up the onboarding process for users who are new to the tenant, enabling better collaboration for new teams.

Unparalleled, robust Reconfiguration Agent – The Reconfiguration Agent is installed on end-user workstations, eliminating the need for user interaction in the migration process. This feature resets the entire Office 365 suite for a complete experience.

There is an option to deliver in the user’s local language, and it resets the Office license to prevent errors. These updates happen automatically, keeping end-users working and reducing migration-related help desk tickets, which results in happy and productive users.

Two clouds representing Quadrotech's Office 365 to Office 365 migration tool

Additionally, we support putting your own links to user guides, like Mobile Device Configuration, which can also drastically reduce help desk volumes. All of these actions are accompanied by a reporting mechanism that will help you successfully track reconfiguration success. It also means less manual intervention for your IT Teams, freeing up their time to focus on the overall rollout and strategy, which is not to be underestimated when you migrate Exchange Online to another tenant.

Granular reporting for pre-migration planning – Our Office 365 reporting software, Nova, supports pre-migration data collection and analysis for Cloud Commander projects. Nova reporting allows us to quickly inventory a tenant and identify what programs users are and aren’t using for effective planning purposes.

The output from these reports highlights challenges and roadblocks and aids in selecting your migration waves based on logical user groupings tied to collaboration and workload usage. With smart and data-informed planning, you will minimize the risk of unexpected project delays.

Flexibility with on-prem Exchange Systems – Cloud Commander supports migrations from on-premises Exchange systems to Office 365 and Office 365 to on-premises Exchange systems. These scenarios are prevalent for companies undertaking merger, acquisition, or divestiture projects with different cloud priorities.

By spanning on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online, Cloud Commander allows you to maintain collaboration and meet compliance and regulatory requirements more readily.

Migrate Exchange Online to Another Tenant at Record Speeds

Capable of industry-leading data transfer speeds and backed by our team of experts, our migration consultants have been at the forefront of tenant consolidation projects. Whether you need to migrate one O365 tenant to another or consolidate numerous tenants into a single service, Cloud Commander is one of the only migration tools available that has evolved technologically to meet enterprise customers’ changing needs.

To achieve higher levels of performance and satisfy customer requirements, multiple workloads for entire tenants must be migrated at the same time during weekend cutovers, so there is no interference in collaboration. The only way this is possible is if the highest levels of speed are not just attained but sustained and that as many actions as possible are automated, reducing the margin for human error.

With sustained speeds of 1 TB / hour, we are now able to migrate entire enterprise tenants in a single weekend cutover. Previously unheard of, what was once seemingly unattainable is now a reality and a new standard in tenant to tenant migration that provides better outcomes for our customers.

Why does speed matter? The chart below illustrates how speed changes the project scope for organizations. Previously, good performance was characterized by speeds in the low 10s of GB an hour:

GB/Hour  Hours  Days 
20 1000.0 50.0
70 285.7 14.3
150 133.3 6.7
300 66.7 3.3
500 40.0 2.0
750 26.7 1.3
1TB 19.5

We define a migration day as 20 hours to allow for overhead. Using our latest performance record as a guide we can deliver Exchange Online tenant migrations that sync an entire tenant in 19.5 hours. For the example above, this means we can cut over 49 days off a project compared to traditional levels of performance.

If you’re looking to reduce project timelines, keep your users happy and productive, and get back to business faster, Quadrotech is standing by ready to help you plan your Exchange Online tenant to tenant migration.

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