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Verifying SharePoint Governance Settings with Quadrotech’s Reporting Solution

Company information: More than 10,000 employees | Chemical and Pharmacuetical Industry

Business Need

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry is subject to stringent regulations, and as such, the IT infrastructure of these organisations receives regular external audits to ensure that they have the correct Governance and Information Security Management controls in place. This particular organisation had recently migrated their document management and collaboration infrastructure to SharePoint Online and found that generating manual compliance reports for their auditors was an extremely time-consuming exercise.


Quadrotech’s reporting solution was selected as a way to allow their compliance department to quickly generate bespoke and correctly formatted audit reports, without the assistance of the SharePoint Administration team.

The Reporting tool allowed them to not only generate reports each quarter when they were required by the auditors but also perform regular spot checks of their SharePoint Site Collections to identify and resolve anything that was deemed non-compliant.


Prior to implementing Quadrotech’s Reporting tool, the SharePoint Administration team were required to manually generate all reports for the compliance department. This involved running a series of scripts and manually combining the data together in Microsoft Excel – which would often take several days. If a report had to be slightly modified after it was generated, it had to go back via the SharePoint Admin team adding even greater delay.

Thanks to Quadrotech’s Reporting solution, the compliance team now has access to generate their own reports whenever they need them, without relying on any other team. The simple yet powerful web application means that these reports can be customised and modified in a couple of clicks.

The compliance team now has a list of customised reports in their Saved Reports area which are scheduled to be automatically emailed on a quarterly basis, just before the auditors are due to arrive. These reports are named with the exact audit point that they relate to, so they can be easily identified and matched.

This organisation is now saving over two weeks’ worth of work every quarter thanks to the automated nature of Quadrotech’s Reporting tool. This extra time is being spent pro-actively working to improve the business processes around SharePoint Online and helping make the organisation more productive and profitable overall.

Additionally, thanks to the regular spot checks that the compliance team performs on the company SharePoint Site Collections, they are also more confident that their systems are compliant, secure and protected outside of the regular audit periods.

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