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Using Cloud Commander, Quadrotech migrates acquired Office 365 tenant at large title company

Company Profile: 5,000 users | US | Large title company

Project Drivers & Challenges

Migration Driver:

There was a directive from company leadership to get all data into Office 365 by the end of the calendar year. That year, the organization acquired a subset of another organization that was already on Office 365. A few hundred users, shared email accounts, and resource accounts needed to be migrated to the existing parent tenant. The company needed a solution that would allow the data to move directly from one tenant to another without going back to an on-premises system, as they did not have the infrastructure to support it. The work had to be completed before their Transitional Service Agreement (TSA) expired.

Migration Challenge:

The largest challenge this organization faced was finding a solution that could meet the required timeline. Native options and other vendors’ solutions did not meet these tight constraints.

Project Outcome

How Cloud Commander works:

Cloud Commander runs primarily in the client’s Microsoft Azure environment. This means that the client’s data does not leave the confines of their environment. It allows for the update of both source and target on-premise Active Directories objects to facilitate the migration and coexistence for those in a hybrid deployment. For those who have a cloud-only deployment, Cloud Commander can provide the same feature set.

Once deployed, source and target mailboxes are matched and entered into a migration wave. These migration waves are then scheduled to move mailbox data. Once enabled for migration, Cloud Commander utilizes Quadrotech’s AIP technology to facilitate the fast transfer of data. Once data has been migrated, mailboxes are completed or “switched”. This means that Cloud Commander will adjust Active Directory, Azure AD, or Exchange Online objects to complete the migration, and enable coexistence. Finally, a workstation agent will be triggered to update the end user Outlook profile.

Migrating the acquired tenant with Quadrotech Cloud Commander:

Using Quadrotech Cloud Commander, powered by Azure, Quadrotech was able to directly move the data from the source tenant to the target tenant. In total, we moved over 12 million items at speeds up to 16GB an hour! Using Quadrotech’s modular design, we added additional processing nodes as needed to achieve the speed the client required.

Using Quadrotech Cloud Commander, the organization fulfilled their migration and strategic IT goal of getting all data into a single Office 365 environment.


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