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Managing Security with Quadrotech’s Reporting Solution

Company information: 50,000 employees


Business Need

The financial services industry deals with highly valuable information, and as a result, it is a regular target for cyber-threats and hacking. This means that many organizations have strict security regulations which need to be maintained and upheld throughout their entire IT estate, including Office 365. As part of a complete security audit, this particular customer wanted to commence an organization-wide review of the password settings in place for Office 365 to verify that every employee was required to reset their password on a regular basis and to review when that period is. Depending on the current settings, the customer would decide whether to reduce the expiration period for certain departments, in order to increase security.


The customer selected Quadrotech’s Reporting solution, and used the selection of security reports in order to find the information they needed quickly and efficiently. The reports enabled them to review the password settings for every employee, and identify any necessary changes. The advanced filtering within the ‘User Password Settings’ report and the ‘Last Password Change’ report allowed them to drill down to department and user level, gaining full insight. Using the customizable columns, the customer was able to see ‘Last Password Change’ by date, and also ‘Days Since Last Password Change’. It is also possible to filter by ‘Password Never Expires’ which states either True or False, making it very simple to identify any anomalies across the organization.


Using Quadrotech Reporting on the security features in Office 365, the customer was able to reduce what would have been a lengthy task to a matter of minutes. They generated the information that they needed, displayed in a way that was clear, and easy to understand. The formatted reports could be distributed amongst other project stakeholders with minimal effort due to the export, share and scheduling capabilities possible within Quadrotech’s Reporting solution. As well as contributing towards this particular security project, the customer also continues to benefit from a number of other security reports within the Quadrotech Reporting suite. These included the ‘User Mailbox Security’ report, where they were able to see if any individuals had non-standard permissions set, and the ‘Administrative Roles’ reports where they could review all active admins and their rights in their Office 365 environment. Overall the customer found that enhanced Quadrotech Reporting ensured that their Office 365 environment remained safe and compliant with the entire organizations security requirements.

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