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Why is Quadrotech’s pricing such great value?

Dec 1, 2015 by Peter Parker

Unique managed archive migration for sensible end user prices
Quadrotech’s archive migration pricing has rattled a few cages in the industry recently. Competitors have accused us of undercutting the market, causing industry watchers to seek more information about our migration services. Those we’ve spoken to tell us our pricing is significantly more cost effective than that of our competition.
Graph showing value vs quality
The answer is that although there are very sophisticated technical aspects to what we do, the bulk of migrations involve repeatable, standardised processes. Our software is based on adjustable workflows that allow us not only to meet the exact requirements of each migration scenario, but also to automate most of the things that legacy approaches would need to do manually. Saving labour costs and time for the customer – and us. Our efficient technology, delivered using a managed migration service either in the cloud or on-premise, means any one operator can monitor and address multiple archive migration projects simultaneously.

That enables Quadrotech to quote on a simple price-per-terabyte basis using a standard rate card, with no hidden add-ons or provisos. And we can spin up a demo/proof-of-concept using your data within 24 hours. It’s all very straightforward and (forgive us a moment) rather slick. There’s less risk involved, and projects get started and completed much faster.

Why are competitor email archive migration prices so expensive?
If you’ve ever obtained a quote involving a competitive vendor, you may want to talk to us about our pricing and delivery model. It became clear to us some time ago that there were a number of organizations in Europe and the US that were not moving ahead with migrations because of the cost. Working with our partners, we have found a more cost-effective way of delivering migration projects.

Our technology has been engineered in a modular way, meaning it fits very well with managing migrations in the cloud, whilst keeping on-premise hardware resources to a minimum. This has enabled us, together with our network of partners, to deliver a stable environment in which to perform migrations. Time to first item (TTFI) migrated is faster, and we are able to react and respond to customer needs more efficiently than ever before.

Add to that the fact that we manage all support in-house which benefits both the customer and our partners, using the same people who actually administer the live system, and it’s obvious why our pricing is always competitive.

Of course we make money from selling licenses. So do other vendors. But the big difference is that Quadrotech and our partners are not going to try to sell you what you don’t actually need. We want you to grab the opportunity to migrate, not keep putting it off because it looks too expensive or complicated.

What about our own partner ecosystem?
Our managed migration service, using proven technology with cutting-edge features that makes the process faster, more reliable, and secure, benefits everyone.  This enables our partners, large and small, and us to deliver a scalable solution to meet today’s migration demands.

As a result of this clear pricing strategy and delivery model, we are able to access other groups of Microsoft orientated partners, which has helped propel us to double-digit growth. We have seen a huge number of migrations involving moving data into Microsoft Office 365, and we are now working shoulder-to-shoulder with Microsoft and the partner community who have fully embraced our managed migrations.

Email migration should be as simple as possible
When Quadrotech is engaged on a project, we use proven technology and approaches that enable a better customer experience.

For example, archive migrations are not always undertaken in isolation. There are often live mailbox migrations and ‘PST’ file migrations involved as well. We have a common framework of products that address all three scenarios. One vendor, one commercial agreement, one technical authority.

An email archive migration can be technically challenging, but there’s no reason why the process can’t be rationalized and simplified. Come and put us to the test; you’re guaranteed a great deal, with reliable high-quality service at a fair and transparent price point.