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Webinar: Office 365 Tenant Divestitures – How to Manage Your Breakup

Apr 8, 2020 by Natalie Frith

Join Quadrotech’s Mike Weaver for this on-demand webinar –Office 365 Tenant Divestitures: How to Manage Your Breakup

The business world is ever-changing, and mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are just a fact of life. The reasons behind such corporate restructurings can vary, but the end goal for IT teams is usually the same – moving users and data between one or more Office 365 tenants.

These types of migrations are typically complex, but divestitures are more difficult than mergers and acquisitions because additional considerations come into play, and this is what we’ll be exploring in our next webinar.

Divesting Office 365 to another tenant

Divestitures occur when a business unit is spun off as a new company into a separate tenant. For example, a company that develops software may want to create a wholly-owned and operated service and consulting company. Or, perhaps an organization is selling off a business unit to a competitor. This can create some very interesting, complicated migration scenarios, especially if there’s a hybrid on-prem/cloud architecture involved.

Before you get started on this very specific type of Office 365 tenant migration situation, it’s key to know there are business and legal requirements that must be adhered to, and sometimes these are at odds with the technical requirements.

In addition to all of this, we also have to make the process user friendly with timely communications to ensure business as usual.

There are certain laws and regulations that apply to data and users involved in the migration, and if it’s a global merger the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) European privacy law may have a major impact on how you collect and report you data. Ultimately, there are many things that can go wrong during the migration that could put your data security at risk.

Expertise to guide you every step of the way

Luckily, our in-house Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture expert “MAD Mike” is going to walk you through all the essential business, legal and technical requirements for a migration specific to divestitures.

Office 365 Tenant Divestitures: How to Manage Your Breakup

In this webinar, he discusses:

  • Data collection and security – How to decide what stays, what needs to move, and how to ensure you cut the right people off
  • Separation methods – Exploring both user-driven and automated approaches
  • What to ask your leadership team – Getting on top of your processes in the planning stages
  • Setting user and management expectations  – Effectively communicating the change to avoid any nasty surprises

The effort of removing data is often underestimated and under-planned, but this technical session for IT managers, Exchange admins and Office 365 engineers will set you up for success.

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