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Upgrading an Office 365 Small Business Tenant (P1) to Enterprise (E1)

Apr 8, 2014 by Emma Robinson

Until the new version of Office 365 it was impossible to upgrade an Office 365 Tenant on a Small Business P1 plan to an Enterprise plan. Many companies were lured into the P1 plan by it’s price and immediately regretted their decision. Luckily, they are now able to upgrade to an Enterprise plan with relative ease and no downtime. We recently upgraded a tenant from a Small Business P1 plan to an Enterprise plan just to see how easy it is.

To get started you need to go to the Admin > Licensing page (or Manage and purchase licenses).

On the Subscriptions page click Switch Plans under Plan options next to the plan you want to switch from.

On the Choose a new plan page pick the plan you want to move to and then click Next.

Follow the steps in the Wizard and once you’ve completed all the steps you’ll see the Switch Plan Status screen below.

Setting up

Setting up


This took about 20 minutes for a tenant with 5 users in it. There was no service interruption to the email flow and Lync access for the tenant during this time.


Upgrade Completed

Upgrade Completed


And that’s how easy it is!

More information can be found at the following Microsoft Help article.


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