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Still only achieving 5TB/day extraction? Try 11.8TB/day instead…

Dec 8, 2015 by Peter Kozak

Recently, in a large Archive Shuttle migration project (Enterprise Vault to Exchange), I was pleased to see the following statistics and was really amazed… 490 GB per hour extraction rate (=11.8 TB per day)!

A screenshot showing a 490 GB per hour extraction rate during an Enterprise Vault to Exchange migration.
What came to mind immediately was the somewhat dubious claims from the competition, who claim that the Archive Vendors API is neither fast nor reliable. Furthermore, some of them continue to claim that they are the fastest on the market and can extract “up to 5 TB per day”.

As regular followers of our blogs and social media activity, you may know that during 2015 we had several social discussions about possible speeds, API vs. Direct approaches, and whether it really makes sense to extract data faster than being able to ingest… these results speak for themselves!

So should we now change our marketing claims? Tell customers, partners, and the whole market that we can extract almost 12 TB a day?

The simple answer is no! Looking more closely at this migration scenario, we see that it is a very specific migration situation where the customer has huge items of data. On one side, it’s comforting to see that the ArchiveShuttle and the Enterprise Vault API’s can provide such an amazing speed in a single server/module scenario; on the other side, it would be dishonest to set those expectations on the market.

Ask your Vendor

My advice to you is that if you are planning a migration project and you really want to know about possible migration speeds, ask the software vendor for a proof-of-concept in YOUR environment. If the Software Vendors you’re talking to are confident about their solutions, they should see this as a chance to provide you, the potential customer, with the relevant facts in order to make an informed decision. The best part? Our ‘Time to Pilot Complete (TTPC)’ is so low due to our technology, a pilot is typically complete within a couple of days from the initial request.

We at Quadrotech welcome every POC opportunity, and we even provide POCs for free! Why? Because if customers are able to test ArchiveShuttle in their own environment, we think it is the best kudos we can get! Moreover, no surprises can arise for the customer or for us, as during the POC everything is fully tested end-to-end, and the right expectations are set.

Migration is more than just moving data

I totally believe that ArchiveShuttle is the fastest, most flexible, and best Migration Application on the market, but amazing migration speed is just one of the important ingredients for a successful migration project. What about all the steps that need to be done besides just extracting an item from the source and ingesting it into the target? What about things like transparency for the user during the migration, being able to migrate orphaned archives from company leavers, removing user permissions on the source system, deactivating the Outlook Add-In on the users’ machine – or deleting the successfully migrated archive? Can your vendor do more than just migrate the data?

If you would like to know how we handle these challenges – or if you wish to test Archive Shuttle in your environment, please feel free to check out our Office 365 email archive migration tool