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Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.2 is available

Oct 8, 2018 by Jason Jacobo

Before you even open the latest version of our archive migration solution Archive Shuttle, you’ll notice it looks a bit different. We put our designer to work creating a flashy looking icon for Archive Shuttle 9.2.

Archive Shuttle Logo

We think the new icon is a better representation of the power and speed of our migration solution.

What you’ll notice: Improved user experience

The next thing you’re likely to notice is that it’s faster and easier to use. We focused on improving operational efficiency with this release. In fact, more than half of the items we added in 9.2 were dedicated to improving operational efficiency. What’s better? Most of those items were sourced from users. We improved the UI’s usability and automated many common everyday tasks. For example:

  • Templates can be created and assigned to mappings.
  • Stage 2 is automatically enabled for mappings without items.
  • A new command cleans up the staging area.
  • Support was added for bulk mapping for PST files archived by SourceOne.
  • The tag feature was enhanced (see below).

Add Tags For Users Snip

The ability to create/assign tags directly where they are used was introduced. It’s now available on these pages: User Information, Bulk Mapping, Existing Mapping, Stage 1, and Stage 2.

New Journal Explosion target—PST

Journal Explosion was introduced in Archive Shuttle 8.0. It delivers an instance of a message from a journal archive to all its participants (both the sender and recipients). It also distributes messages extracted from journal reports to target containers. We’ve now expanded this powerful feature to support PST as a target. We now support Exchange, Exchange Online, and PST as Journal Explosion targets.

What you might not notice: Plumbing enhancements

As with every release, you might not ever notice some of the behind-the-scenes changes. You’ll probably just notice everything’s running a bit smoother. A few examples:

  • Failed module services now automatically re-start.
  • Complex domain infrastructures are now better supported.
  • Item Routing and Item Splitting were added to the AS.Core service.

Cargo Bay enhanced

We introduced the Cargo Bay feature earlier this year. When it’s enabled, item data associated with finished mappings is moved from active tables to a backup database (the Cargo Bay) to minimize necessary records within active tables. Cargo Bay users will notice these enhancements in the latest release:

  • Large mappings are better managed and it’s easier to track what was archived within a mapping.
  • Failed items for mappings archived with Cargo Bay are viewable on the Reports page (shown below).

The Reports page now shows failed items for mappings archived with Cargo Bay.

Archived Error Summary Snip

Enhanced experience for SourceOne migrations

I mentioned above that we added support for bulk mapping for PST files archived by SourceOne. We have some more good news for those migrating from SourceOne:

  • Mappings where the recipient address is in an atypical format are handled better.
  • Journal collection is more efficient.

For a full report of what’s new in Archive Shuttle 9.2, check out the release notes or contact us.