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Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.1 is available

Jul 19, 2018 by Jason Jacobo

If you’ve been around Quadrotech for a while, you probably (hopefully) already know about our archive migration powerhouse, Archive Shuttle. It moves huge volumes of legacy email archives from a source environment into a target environment promptly and securely. It’s a complex process that we’ve made simple for hundreds of organizations. Archive Shuttle automates extraction and ingestion of archives, as well as many of the other tasks required for a migration.

None of this is new. But we strive to continually improve and streamline the process. So, we’re excited to bring you another set of enhancements and features—a new release—Archive Shuttle 9.1.

As you’ll see below, this release’s development efforts were focused on a few key areas. Take a look at the highlights you’ll find in the 9.1 release.

In an effort to provide better support for our enterprise customers:

  • We added a Stage 1 scheduler.
  • We enhanced the handling of hybrid configurations.
  • We made it so you can set configurations and schedules per module.
  • We enhanced the handling of user/archive information after a mailbox has been migrated to Exchange Online.
  • We provided enhancements to support users who leave the organization during the migration.

Archive Shuttle 9.1 - 'Item Collection Scheduled Date'/ 'Migration scheduled date'

New Stage 1 scheduler

We also made these performance improvements:

  • We optimized underlying queries.
  • To improve processing:
    • We separated item routing from export functionality.
    • We separated item splitting from import functionality.

We improved operational efficiency by implementing the following:

  • Additional notifications/events display on the System Health page.
  • When working with SourceOne archives, a warning message displayed for folder-less items has been moved to the Events tab.
  • The Stage 1 page now shows whether a Journal Explosion eligible mailbox needs provisioning.

Finally, we expanded the scope of Archive Shuttle data handling:

  • We now support PST SourceOne Archives.
  • We now support Enterprise Vault 12.3.

For more information about Archive Shuttle 9.1, check out the release notes or contact us.