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Record-breaking Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Speed

May 24, 2018 by Mike Weaver

For large organizations, transferring vast amounts of data between Office 365 tenants can be painfully slow. Slow migration speed can significantly impact on project duration, causing delays that disrupt business operations.

At Quadrotech, we’re duty-bound to strive for success, continually innovating new solutions to enhance the user (and admin) experience. We understand the complexities involved when consolidating, transferring or relocating multiple tenants, and our commitment to delivering the fastest Office 365 tenant to tenant migration service has gone from strength to strength –maintaining speeds that eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt would be proud of.


Turbo Performance for Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migrations

According to Microsoft performance guidelines, typically, third-party providers of Exchange web migration services can be expected to transfer 5-10GB of data per hour.

However, in optimal conditions, our Cloud Commander platform is now maintaining sustained speeds of 50GB per hour (with spikes over 60GB per hour!), equating to a phenomenal 1.2TB of data per day.

Here’s a snapshot of our recent project moving users between two Office 365 tenants in North America:

To put this into context, let’s consider an average client might have 25,000 users, and each user stores around 3.5GB of data. This would make a rough total of 8.75 TB.

Being generous, let’s assume the industry average migration speed is 7.5GB per hour – the mid-point in Microsoft’s estimations (although some providers are boasting 4GB per hour speeds, so the average could, in fact, be lower). Transferring 8.75TB at this rate would be a laborious 48-day marathon.

In contrast, Cloud Commander would sprint to the finish line in just over a week.

Which platform would you choose?

Gold Medal Tenant To Tenant Migrations

Cloud Commander is setting the standard for tenant to tenant migration, joining our advanced suite of migration tools that are renowned for speed.

Utilizing our advanced AIP technology – on both extraction and ingestion – and integrating it into the flexible Microsoft Azure infrastructure, we’re capable of adding more processing jobs as required, negating the need for full virtual machines to enable dynamic delivery.

Completing migration as quickly and efficiently as possible empowers business optimization, removing the administrative hurdle of juggling multiple Office 365 tenants. Consolidating users onto one platform also ensures stricter control over data privacy and guarantees high performance, eliminating the slowdown often experienced by linked tenants.

When in need of migration and consolidation services, you’ll demand a solution that can be relied upon, and may be sceptical of bold claims that outstrip the industry average by a country mile.

However, our 50GB per hour speeds are not a one-off; this is normal for us, and we firmly believe we’re the only provider that can keep projects moving at high velocity. We have the data to back it up – so why not discover our Office 365 tenant to tenant migration solution today and see how we can complete your tenant to tenant migration at record pace.