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Quadroflix: Watch Office 365 Webinars On-Demand

Apr 30, 2020 by Chris Cahill

A TV and bag of popcorn, promoting Quadrotech's O365 webinars

Our recent webinar series has been a big hit, with record numbers tuning in from all over the world.

Over a four-week period, we hosted four live events, each attracting over 400 registrants on average, and these expert sessions are now available to watch on-demand.

So grab your popcorn and get ready to take notes, because these popular recordings are packed with practical advice.

How to Rapidly Enable Working from Home

In the wake of COVID-19 forcing half the world to work from home, Paul Robichaux, Quadrotech CTO and Microsoft MVP, ran this timely session focused on helping IT admins maximize Microsoft Teams.

The platform has sustained huge growth in recent weeks, as organizations adjust to lockdown life by making the most of cloud collaboration.

During the session, Paul presented actionable tips, going into detail on the following:

  • Planning – Deciding what good looks like, and how to get there
  • Setting your network for success – VPN split tunneling, Conditional Access, selecting the right features, and assigning the right licenses
  • Setting your Teams skeleton – Establishing your Teams and Channels, imposing controls, and identifying early adopters to drive company-wide adoption

If you’re struggling to get your team on Teams, please access the recording here for Paul’s expert advice.

How to Maximize Your Return on Office 365 Licenses

Another hot topic right now is Office 365 license management, and Quadrotech’s Doug Davis and Nigel Williams hosted a session on how to ensure you buy only what you need, and adopt all that you buy.

There are huge cost savings to be made by investigating unused workloads, and the session covered:

  • Understanding your needs – improving your return on investment by analyzing user functionality
  • Adoption – How adoption rates can be measured and improved
  • Technology – The business case for investing in tech to manage and monitor license usage

Quadrotech’s Nova platform makes license lifecycle management easy, and has an Adoption Accelerator component to help boost usage rates. Learn more and hear practical tips from our resident licensing experts by accessing the webinar here.

Infographic showing webinar success.

How to Consolidate Multiple Office 365 Tenants

Our Director of Enterprise Migrations, Mike Weaver, has lots of experience in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, and during this lively session, he and Paul Robichaux provided advice for merging multiple tenants into one.

This type of migration requires much careful planning and execution, and during the broadcast Mike and Paul detailed:

  • How to prioritize tenants – The importance of data and user activity analysis in deciding the order your tenants migrate
  • Identity management – Exploring Active Directory issues and outlining your options
  • Project cadence – Why migration tooling is an essential part of project management
  • The cost of delays – How the ricochet effect of one failure can impact related projects, and how you can stay on track

Designed with both IT teams and non-technical Project Managers in mind, you can view the recording here.

Office 365 Tenant Divestitures: How to Manage Your Breakup

Hot off the heels of the first Office 365 tenant to tenant migration webinar mentioned above, Mike hosted a second session, but this time focused on the other side of the coin – business divestitures.

The process of segmenting and migrating a select group of users into a new tenant is often underestimated and under planned, so Mike explained best practices for:

  • Data collection and security – how to decide what stays, what needs to move, and how to ensure you cut the right people off
  • Separation methods – Exploring both user-driven and automated approaches
  • What to ask your leadership team – Getting on top of your processes in the planning stages
  • Setting user and management expectations  – Effectively communicating the change to avoid any nasty surprises

If your organization is in the process of divesting a business unit, this session will help set you on the road to success. You can watch the recording here.

If you’d like to learn more about our Office 365 management software or you have an upcoming migration project, please contact our specialist team today and we’ll be happy to help.