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Office 365 Service Health Status

Sep 16, 2014 by Dan Rose

Here at Quadrotech we are pleased to announce the latest edition to our award winning Office 365 reporting software.

We’ve recently introduced an Office 365 Service Health report for all of our customers, which gives an in depth view of all the current and past service issues affecting the Office 365 suite of tools. The report also features upcoming maintenance so that you can plan around any potential service affecting issues.

The information displayed is specific to your tenant.

Service Status Calendar
The report shows the following information which is represented by a different colour in the calendar view.

  • Open Incident – Red
  • Closed Incident – Green
  • Past Maintenance – Blue
  • Future Maintenance – Yellow

By clicking on each entry you can drill down further to gather more detail about each incident or maintenance job. This will give you a complete breakdown of the work carried out, updates by the engineer and how it was resolved.

Service Maintenance detail
Also built into this report are the quick launch buttons at the top of the page to show you Current Incidents, Upcoming Maintenance and Informational Messages. The Informational Messages outline news changes and updates to your Office 365 environment.

Also included with this latest report is an option to search, print and email any of the incidents or maintenance schedules. For example if you wanted to find any Yammer related maintenance or incident reports you can simple type this into the search bar and you will get a complete history.