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New Release Announcement: Archive Shuttle 9.0 is Available

May 24, 2018 by Jason Jacobo

Our development team has been hard at work making improvements and adding functionality to our powerful email archive migration solution—Archive Shuttle. You’ll notice several notable new features, enhancements, and performance improvements in Archive Shuttle 9.0.

Archive Shuttle System Health page

To improve usability, navigation notifications were added to the System Health page.

Development efforts were focused on 3 main areas:

  • Improving efficiency
  • Giving you information you need, where you need it
  • Extending Enterprise Vault support

Take a look:

Improving efficiency

Perhaps our biggest effort involved adding a feature we call  . When enabled (it’s disabled by default), item data associated with finished mappings is moved from active tables to the Cargo Bay (a backup database) to minimize necessary records within active tables. When this feature is enabled, you’ll notice improved performance when you’re interacting with active item data.

We also improved efficiency through better handling of failed items and error logs.

Giving you information you need, where you need it

The second focus of Archive Shuttle 9.0 was user experience. We wanted to improve usability by showing information you need, where you need it. Here are a few areas where you’ll see improvements:

  • Several pages now default to a simplified view.
  • System Health page status grid was extended and navigation notifications were added (shown above).
  • General System Settings page was rearranged.
  • User Information page now displays Office 365 mailboxes.
  • Stage 2 page supports renaming of migrated archives using custom names.
  • Item Collection Details window now displays how many pages/batches have been progressed (see below).

Archive Shuttle 9.0 displays how many pages/batches have been progressed (for example, 3 of 3 pages finished).

Mapping Comments

Comments can be up to 256 characters.

Plus, you can now add comments to mappings that are visible on the Stage 1 and Existing Mapping screens.

So, for example, let’s say you need to pause a migration. You can add a comment to the mapping that says it “exceeded maximum mailbox size.” Then, when someone wants to know the status of that migration, they can easily see why it’s not yet finished.

Extending Enterprise Vault support

Last, but not least, we focused on extending our Enterprise Vault support. For example, we now support Enterprise Vault SMTP journal archives. In addition, the ZAPArchivePermissions command (which removes permissions of the source archive) is now supported for Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migrations.

For more information about Archive Shuttle 9.0, check out the release notes or contact us.