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New Feature: 'Run Now' on Saved and Scheduled Reports

Aug 3, 2016 by Ian Byrne

Do you have to run the same reports at regular intervals? Perhaps it’s a ‘Mail Traffic by User Report’ each month, or a ‘Inactive Users Report’ every quarter?
If you’re a Cogmotive Reports customer you’ll know that scheduling these recurrent reports is the best way to ensure that everyone gets the data they need, saving you the last minute scrabble when you’re busy with a million other things.
But what happens if you need one of your scheduled reports ad hoc? For example, a Sales Manager in your organisation has received complaints from prospects that his team are sending large email attachments, and he wants to know the total sizes of outbound mail for each member. This is the report he receives monthly, but due to the complaints, he wants it now, and he wants to see the data for the past week.
Using the newly added ‘Run Now’ button, it’s easy to run a scheduled report whenever you need it, and it only takes a couple of clicks for the Sales Manager to get the report emailed directly to him.
To run a scheduled report immediately, all you need to do is go into ‘Saved Reports’, and click the envelope icon under ‘Actions’ next to your chosen scheduled report.
run now button
This will run the report and email it to the person who usually receives it. You will get a pop up to warn you about this, allowing you to confirm your decision.
Once you have clicked ‘Run Now’, the report will be created, and the information will be sent to the person who needs it.
Make sure to remember this feature next time you have an ad hoc request for a scheduled report. If you are yet to try the scheduling feature in Cogmotive Reports, you can find out how to use it in this support article.
If you haven’t tried Cogmotive Reports yet, why not sign up for a free 14-day trial, and see what detailed, automated, powerful Office 365 reporting could show you.
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