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New Feature: More Deleted Item Columns for Archive Mailbox Sizes

Aug 22, 2016 by Ian Byrne

Do you use our Archive Mailbox Sizes Report? To make it even more useful we have added two new columns to the report: ‘Archive Deleted Item Size (MB)’ and ‘Number of Deleted Items’.
The report shows you the sizes of your users’ archive mailboxes, allowing you to understand how this additional storage is being used across your organisation. You can also review the warning quota, and ensure that none of your employees are approaching their storage limit.
Archive Mailbox Sizes columns
The new columns will allow you to see the number of deleted items each user has, and the total size (MB). These columns make it easy to identify whether your users are removing items from their archive mailbox, and it can help to flag up problems with quota limits.
Archive columns
As you can see above, you can use the columns to sort or re-order the data based on these attributes, and there are also plenty more fields that you can add in to better understand how archive mailbox sizes are being used in your environment.
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