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Mobile Device Access State Reports

5 Jun 2014 by Emma Robinson

Office 365 allows you to decide which type of mobile devices are allowed to be connected to user mailboxes.
For example, if your corporate policy specifies that only Samsung Galaxy devices meeting a certain Operating System level should be used on the corporate network you can enforce this using an ActiveSync Device Access Rule. If someone then tries to connect a different mobile device it will be denied access and appear within Office 365 as a “Blocked” or “Quarantined” device.
More information about how to configure these policies or what the specific access states mean can be found on Microsoft’s Understanding Mobile Device Management page.
So how do you know which users and devices are blocked or quarantined?
Easy – you use our new Mobile Device by Access State report!

Mobile Device Access State Report

Mobile Device Access State Report

This report lists all the mobile devices connected to your users mailboxes along with their access state.
Like all our reports, this report can be customised and filtered to show only blocked devices, or devices belonging to users from a specific department.
This report is immediately available to all Cogmotive Reports customers. If you’re not a Cogmotive Reports customer, why not sign up for a free trial?