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Looking back on a great year

Dec 22, 2017 by Thomas Madsen

2016 was a huge year for Quadrotech. Cogmotive, our largest acquisition to date, joined the group, and we also launched several new products. Could 2017 top that? Absolutely!

It’s been over a year since Cogmotive joined Quadrotech. Since then, we’ve integrated the two companies, products, and brand. In the past, the company was very focused on migrations to Office 365. Now, we have a unique and unified story to tell with solutions that span on-premises and cloud platforms and address the entire lifecycle of Office 365 data from migration, reporting, security, management and beyond.

New Products

With the launch of Cloud Commander, our Cloud-to-Cloud migration tool, we can now consolidate, split, and relocate Office 365 tenants. The nature of business is that companies acquire, merge, and split on an ongoing basis. Given that so many companies now use Office 365, it makes sense to have technology to help Office 365 tenants be as flexible as possible during these company transformations. Cloud Commander is also a great example of how Quadrotech technology proven in other products has been repurposed for new purposes.

At the Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference, we announced our Autopilot technology. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are major themes in the IT industry. Quadrotech uses key usage data and machine learning to perform smart Office 365 management actions through a policy-first approach. We demonstrated this technology at the Ignite conference, and it was great to hear positive and constructive feedback from interested CTOs, help-desk managers, and admins. We’re looking forward to releasing more information on this technology in 2018!

Our New Look

Along with new products, we launched the updated Quadrotech brand just in time for the Microsoft Inspire partner conference, which was complete with new logos, an updated website, and messaging. The rebrand gave us the opportunity to establish a brand that better reflects our future direction as the company that helps Office 365 tenants maximize the value of their data.

A second brand update came when the Cogmotive brand got some love. To provide a cohesive experience for our partners and customers, we moved the Cogmotive Reporting products under the Quadrotech umbrella with new names and dedicated space on the Quadrotech website. The reporting product suite was renamed to Radar Reporting and the products were renamed accordingly (Radar for Office 365, Radar for SharePoint Online, and Radar for Security & Audit). The Cogmotive website is now our dedicated resource center offering regular updates on industry news, new Office 365 applications and features, data migrations, and PowerShell among other topics.

Office 365 Management and Security Enhancements

If you’re a Radar Reporting customer, you may have noticed that we introduced many new capabilities in Radar Reporting in 2017. In fact, we added over 20 new reports and features across the 3 modules to deliver even more information about of your Office 365 environment. Some of the new reports include Yammer and Public Folder reports, Inventory reports, DLP reports, Mailbox (including on-premises) reports and more. Looking for ways to enhance the migration experience and further improve management and security in Office 365 we introduced Enhanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), SMS and Email Alerting in Radar for Security & Audit, On-Premises reports, publishable dashboards and scheduled reports.

We’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of customers this year to support their migration and reporting needs – and we’re extremely proud of our 2017 developments, achievements and improvements. With that said, we’ve already set some high goals for next year we’re excited to see where our employees, customers and partners take us in 2018.

We hope you enjoy the Christmas holiday and we wish you a happy and prosperous new year!