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EVStorageMigrator Sync’n’Switch

Aug 10, 2014 by Andrew Barnes


Email migration best practice demands that users have continuous access to their email. Not all approaches to email migration provide such continuous access. EVStorageMigrator uses a “Sync’n’Switch” approach. By uncoupling data synchronization from the user migration EVStorageMigrator guarantees users are not interrupted while their email is migrated from one instance of Enterprise Vault to another.

In short users’ archived emails are synchronized to the target in the background without impacting the ability to work and access archived emails as usual. Daily deltas are recognized and synchronized continuously so that at the point where the user migration itself takes place (the switch) the user has access to both the new and original source data.

This is achieved by following a two stage process that first synchronizes the data, then switches the user to the new archive.

Migration Workflow Stage 1 – Sync

Set Criteria to Initiate Switch

Migration Workflow Stage 2 – Switch