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Celebrating our Women in Technology pt.1

Jan 10, 2019 by Becci Velzian

Let’s talk about women in tech for a moment.

Right now, we are amongst the minority of women working in the tech industry, just 17% of those working in technology in the UK are female, which is similar in the US at -20%. Quadrotech seamlessly accommodates for everyone and offers equal opportunities, regardless of gender. As a rapidly growing company, our leadership team (which has women too!) recognizes the need to hire and grow smart people and build a diverse, inclusive workforce. Here are just a few of the ways that we celebrate and encourage women in technology at Quadrotech.

Across the Development, Marketing, Sales teams, and more, there are currently 31 women working at Quadrotech. Our CTO, set up our own channel in Microsoft Teams named the “QuadroWomen” (this plays on a naming convention we’ve built up in our community, we also have a “Quadropets” channel and common hashtags posted on social media include #Quadrofam or #Quadroteam). On the QuadroWomen channel, content suggestions include: sharing experiences both good and bad, asking questions, calling out challenges you’re facing in the industry, sharing information or building someone up in our community. Nevertheless, our channel has become so much more than just this because we share charitable initiatives, interesting articles, memes (of course), book recommendations, events we’ve attended and more. It’s also a warm way of introducing new starters who are women to the company, as no matter who you are, or what gender you are, it can be extremely daunting when entering a new company.

In our Fargo Office, the “QuadroWomen”, as well as some honorary male team members, participated in a clothing collection initiative for the Jeremiah’s Leadership Program. There are currently more than 2,300 single mothers living in poverty in Fargo, so the Jeremiah’s Leadership Program seeks to do anything they can to help them. Steph Eddy, the organizer of this astounding initiative, asked colleagues to donate warm winter clothes for the children and work clothes for the women attending interviews. Steph then delivered the clothes down to the Microsoft Office in Fargo where they were dispensed to the charity. We pride ourselves on developing a company culture that is caring and supportive, there is always someone who can help. So, it came to no surprise when Steph was inundated with clothes for donation. As we are a global company, not everyone was able to participate, however, our people were shipping their clothes over from destinations like Switzerland to see where they could help. I like to think those clothes have found their way to ambitious women now sitting at a desk like many of us.

Our ‘QuadroWomen’ have also been fortunate enough to attend ground-breaking events discussing women in technology. Our HR Advisor, Anita Sawhney attended the Ada Lovelace Day conference run by Nationwide Building Society in the UK. Ada Lovelace Day celebrates the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). All of which have exceptionally low study rates by women at universities, some as low as 15%. Anita shared her experiences with us on the QuadroWomen Teams channel and reported that the day had an inspiring and powerful agenda.

These are the three big lessons that Anita took away from the event:

  • The Power Pose: psychologist Amy Cuddy spoke about her study into how your body positioning can impact upon your confidence. In her research, those who stood with “high power” body language, otherwise nicknamed as the Wonder Woman pose, increased testosterone levels by 25%, therefore, giving you more confidence. Whereas, those who positioned in a “low power” body language, such as a slouch or crossed arms, experienced 20% less testosterone. The overall effect of this is you are scientifically going to experience more confidence and less stress in the “high body power” posture, as if by magic, however in the “low body power” posture you will experience higher levels of anxiety and a lower ability to deal with stress. You can read more on her study here.
  • Get over the word ‘No’. This discussion was centered around how we tend to stop ourselves from making requests or sharing ideas because we think the answer will be ‘No’. Instead, you should use the word ‘No’ as an acronym to mean ‘Next One’, making it less of a ‘hard stop’ and more of an encouragement to keep trying.
  • The next exercise tackled another common experience: telling yourself you can do something, but then giving up before starting. To demonstrate ways to make large or daunting tasks immediately more achievable, attendees were asked to draw a somewhat impossible recreation of a Picasso. They then segmented this task into quarters, and did it in manageable parts, therefore reframing any meaning they had attached about the difficulty of the task. This demonstrates that nothing is ever too difficult to overcome.

Career Opportunities

As mentioned previously we are always looking for smart, dynamic people to join our company. At Quadrotech, we are passionate about our people, whether you’re technically-minded and interested in joining our Software or Support teams, or perhaps your skills are more suited to the commercial side of our business. Whatever the position, you’ll be joining the market-leader for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration and management solutions.

See our current opportunities here.