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Audit Administrator Role Permission changes in Office 365

2 Jul 2013 by Emma Robinson

The latest version of Office 365 includes a compliance report that shows you which Administrative Roles have been modified. This report will show you who has:

  • been added or removed from an administrative role
  • added or deleted an administrative role
  • modified the rights an administrator role has

This is especially important in enterprise organisations that must adhere to strict audit and compliance policies.
You can find the role group changes report in the Reporting section of the Office 365 Administrator console.

Audit Reports

Audit Reports

As you can see above, you can limit the scope of the search by date or administrative role.
Below are some examples of the types of results that are returned. You can see that I added myself to the Discovery Management role and also created a new Administrative role.
User Added to Administrative Role

User Added to Administrative Role

New Administrative Group Created

New Administrative Group Created

It’s good to see that this sort of Audit and Compliance functionality and reports are being added to Office 365. Hopefully it will help re-assure and entice large enterprise customers into the Office 365 cloud.