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Another record year at Quadrotech!

Dec 17, 2015 by Peter Kozak

It’s been an incredible and very busy year, I can’t believe another year has passed. I’m grateful to be surrounded by such an amazing team at Quadrotech. We’ve accomplished many things this year. I don’t think one blog can capture everything that happened in 2015, it would end up being a much longer document than anyone could read. Let me touch on some of the key highlights, however…

We not only doubled our workforce during 2015, but we doubled the number of archive and PST projects completed (migrating over 3.5 PB and more than one million users in the process). We introduced new products and new technologies, bolstered our research and development, and made some enormous strides in cloud-based migrations and green energy use.

Not only that, but we completed the third element in our ‘triple stack’ proposition – Mailbox Shuttle, which began shipping this year, making Quadrotech the only single vendor with a comprehensive solution covering all email archive migration requirements (something I’m very proud of). It’s one of the reasons we started Quadrotech almost 4 years ago. And it’s one of the unique things that only Quadrotech can do.

As we enter the new year, I wanted to take a quick look at some of 2015’s key achievements:

  • We introduced our new Advanced Ingestion Protocol(AIP) to the market and saw fantastic speeds migrating to Office 365 and Exchange OnPrem
  • We became the first migration vendor to achieve third party forensic certification.
  • We saw Microsoft Office 365 become the main target for migrations with over 60% of our migrations going to this platform
  • We acquired Timefinity Group and restructured it to become QT-X, our in-house ‘think tank’, tasked with incubating and nurturing ideas about driving down the time and cost of migration
  • We became a Microsoft Managed Partner with Triple Gold Partner status in the Application Development, Messaging, and Data Platform competencies
  • We grew Quadrotech cloud services allowing customers to do a seamless, performant hardware-free migration. Delivered as a service, over 70% of our customers now use this model
  • A recent survey told us 4 out of 5 customers rate us as the best company they’ve ever worked with (which is awesome to hear!)
  • We proved, yet again, that we are the fastest in the market
  • We also focused on our environmental footprint as a responsible corporate citizen:
    • We’re running all of our data centers with 100% renewable energy
    • We ensure our global CO2 footprint (including travel) is compensated for by reforesting

So what of the future? We’ll continue innovating, with new products that will solve long-standing customer issues all integrated into a common framework – with an even broader range of services. Further releases of AIP are already scheduled and our exciting new HOTS protocol will release publicly shortly, enabling faster migrations to the cloud without needing a massive WAN footprint.

We expect to influence over $800 million of Office 365 revenue for Microsoft in 2016, and we will be doubling our workforce yet again, for the third year in succession!

So with that, we wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful new year. I can’t express enough how thankful we are for your support, and we can’t wait to show you what we’re working on for 2016.