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New Report: SharePoint Storage over Time

Mar 1, 2017 by Dan Rose

Monitoring the way that SharePoint Online storage is being used, and ensuring that your environment is not wasting storage can be an ongoing challenge – especially if you don’t have a clear idea of what’s out there, and how it might be changing as time goes on. Our brand new report – SharePoint Storage over Time, can help you to get a comprehensive view of how storage is being used, and help you manage and optimise your quotas more effectively.

The report shows the storage history of your Site Collections. The size of your Site Collections are tracked daily and measured in Quota Used as Megabytes (mb) or the percentage used of the storage quota set. This information allows you to monitor the specific storage in each site collection over your chosen date range. You can identify which site collections are growing more rapidly, and nearing their quota. If you need to investigate or address storage issues, this breakdown by site collection can make the process quicker and easier, enabling you to go in and optimise storage in your SharePoint environment.
As you can see below, the date picker on the top right corner allows you to customise your view by choosing the start date and end date.

You also have the option to filter your view by choosing specific Site Collections to view. Simply highlight the Site Collections you want and click Apply. The table below the graph gives a daily breakdown of Quota Used (GB), Storage Quota (GB) and Quota Used (%) for each selected Site Collection
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