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Upcoming Events

Throughout 2018-2019 we are platinum sponsors of Microsoft Ignite The Tour. We will be exhibiting at 17 cities across the world, check the list below to see if we will be visiting a city near you!

Microsoft Ignite The Tour

Past events

Berlin: 6-7 December 2018 

Sao Paulo: 11-12 December 2018

Toronto: 10-11 January

Singapore: 16-17 January

Tel Aviv: 22-23 January

Johannesburg: 28-29 January

Milan: 31 -1 February

Washington DC: 4-5 February

Sydney: 13-14 February 

Hong Kong: 20-21 February

London: 26-27 February 

Amsterdam: 20-21 March 

Dubai: 27-28 March

Seoul: 3-4 April 

Mexico City: 10-11 April 

Stockholm: 24-25 April 

Mumbai: 22-23 May