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Microsoft Skype for Business Reporting Outage

Jun 7, 2016 by Emma Robinson

On the 24th of May the Microsoft Office 365 Reporting Web Service stopped providing any new usage information for Skype for Business.  This is affecting all of our 3000+ customers in all 204 countries in which they operate, and from Office 365 related forums we are aware that other companies in our space have seen the same issues.  Unfortunately, this web service is currently the only supported way to extract Skype for Business usage information from Office 365, and means that our customers are currently unable to see updated Skype usage statistics. That will unfortunately continue to be the case until the issue is resolved.
We raised this issue with Microsoft at the end of May. They acknowledged that there is a problem and have passed it on to their backend team. However, they have not considered this issue important enough to register on the Office 365 Service Status page, and there is no incident number assigned to it, despite our requests to get an official incident opened.
We continue to request daily updates from Microsoft about this issue but have not received any further updates from them at the time of writing, including any indication of when we can expect a fix to be implemented.
It is disappointing that Microsoft do not consider insight into their platform to be as important as our customers do, and it hinders our ability to provide the high level of service that we believe they deserve.
Our customers, and many other Office 365 tenants around the world, rely on this information to make business decisions and measure adoption of the new Cloud technologies that Microsoft is so heavily promoting.  Without this information, customers cannot be sure that they are achieving the full return on investment from their Office 365 deployment that we know these technologies can provide.
I personally want to apologise to our customers that we have been unable to provide updated Skype for Business information within some of their reports due to this issue.  We are doing all we can to get this resolved, but alongside all the wonderful positives of the Cloud and Office 365, as a third party service provider for Microsoft technologies, we remain reliant on Microsoft allowing us to collect data from their systems.
We will continue to apply whatever pressure we can into getting this issue resolved, and ask that you help us do the same.  If you have a Microsoft Account rep, maybe you could help us by contacting them and asking them to help provide some urgency in resolving the issue.  The support ticket we raised continues to be open with ID SRX616060392485126ID.