Archive Shuttle

Migrating archives is tough: Huge volumes of data need to be transferred and managed, while users need to have uninterrupted and seamless access to their data. Archive Migration made easy.

Our tools automate the extraction and ingestion, while allowing for backups and data-integrity checks during the process.

At a glance

QUADROtech Archive Shuttle is the proven solution whenever a Symantec Enterprise Vault Archive needs to be moved, independent of the Enterprise Vault version or configuration.
Migrate Mail- and Journal Archives (preserving Envelope Data) from EV to EV, or EV to Exchange 2010/2013/O365, either the Primary Mailbox, or the Secondary (Archive-) Mailbox or into the cloud.

Key Features

QUADROtech Archive Shuttle provides the following unique feature-set

  • Sync’n'Switch
    Synchronize the content upfront the migration and migrate archive within minutes.
  • Selective Migration
    Migrate just what you need utlizing ArchiveShuttles powerful filtering engine.
  • Automated two-step process either via network or transportable media.
    Migrate to offline media (to unload WAN) and migrate the “difference” online or use pure on- or offline Migration.
  • Migrates across Enterprise Vault Vault Stores, Enterprise Vault Sites and Enterprise Vault Directories.
    No matter what your migration scenario is, ArchiveShuttle handles it!
  • Retention category mapping
    It has the ability to map retention categories between sites. This allows you for example to merge retention categories if needed.
  • Logging and Audit
    Full logging and reporting is provided during the export and Import process. 
  • Multiple migration targets such as Exchange 2010 mailboxes, Exchange Personal Archives, Exchange 2013, directly to Office 365 or even to PST file for other archiving products to consume
  • Correct location of shortcuts
    QUADROtech Archive Shuttle tracks the current shortcut location in the mailbox and retains the mailbox layout after the import has finished. Even if your EV Version does not support Shortcut tracking!
  • Prevents duplicate Shortcuts after re-importing into the target mailbox.
    Shortcuts are modified to point to the target archive.
  • Fully automatic activation and de-activation of user mailboxes.
    No need to do manual steps. Everything is automated.