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Powering Total Mailbox Migration. Offline, Live & PSTs

Moving data between messaging systems is a major IT challenge. While IT departments need to reorganize the mail and archiving infra-structure, change the underlying storage, eliminate PST files or adopt cloud technologies, users need continuous access to the corresponding data without interruption. Throughout this activity chain-of-custody and must be preserved and a full audit trail maintained.

The Quadrotech Migration Suite is a great solution when upgrading email and archive platforms, consolidating email or archiving infrastructures or carrying out an Exchange or Office 365 migration.

Our email migration products are built around a core set of functionality delivered by the Quadrotech Framework that provides a common user interface, dashboard and management tools. The Migration Suite has an extensive array of connectors to the leading email and archiving platforms, both on-premise and in the cloud.

We are the only specialist vendor with integrated tools that address all three levels of the ‘triple stack’. Every migration project can rely on a transparent and scalable solution. The process will be compliant and auditable. Management is automated and simplified. The net result is a project that is delivered on-time and on-budget.


Migrate Enterprise Vault and other archive systems between software versions, across archive platforms or back into Exchange, Office 365 or Cloud Solutions.
Now available OnPremise, as appliance and as archiveshuttle.cloud solution.


A powerful analytical solution that distinguishes characteristics within data hierarchies and repositories in Exchange public folders, and migrates selected information into best suitable targets (such as Office 365 Groups).


Migrate users from previous versions of Exchange to Exchange 2010/2013 or Office 365. Mailbox migration made simple.
Available in Summer as onPremise and mailboxshuttle.cloud solution. Join the beta.

PST Flight Deck

PST FlightDeck

Eliminate PST files. Move content to Exchange, Office 365 or archiving platforms. User transparent and scalable.
Now available OnPremise and as appliance. pstflightdeck.cloud coming soon.


Storage agnostic high availability and disaster recovery to ensure uninterrupted access without special storage or clustering hardware for EV.