Office 365 Migration Services

Exchange to Office 365 Migration

Email has been around for a long time.

Over the years, due to technology, and the price of storage, where and how email is kept has changed a lot – causing various problems when it comes to moving the data.

Migration challenges:

Email is a core component of business operations and productivity. A poorly-executed migration poses disruption and downtime, generating extra costs – or even loss of business.

Additional resources, like infrastructure, hardware, licenses, network, and storage soon build up. Do you need to conduct your migration on-premises? Could you use a hybrid or cloud deployment? Is your migration provider offering a fixed cost service, or could additional charges creep in?

Many legacy systems and services are non-compliant with modern regulations, as they cannot be centrally governed, and some have inherent security vulnerabilities. Migrations should have full chain of custody, logging and reporting to meet all compliance requirements.

Think about how much data you have in your mailbox, archive, some stray PST files, and a few public folders? Now scale it by tens of thousands. What should be migrated? What can be archived or deleted? Most importantly, how do you begin to figure this out?

What’s the solution?

Our data migration tools are able to locate, analyze, and migrate data into a new collaboration platform – like Office 365, any version of Exchange, on-premises, and more.

Want to hear more?

If you need to migrate Exchange mailboxes, email archives and/or PST files, please complete the form below and our expert data migration team will be in touch to discuss your project and offer a quote.

The big picture: To the cloud, and through the cloud.

Office 365 has a large, ever-growing user base. Once your data is in the cloud, that doesn’t mean the end of migrations. Migrating, relocating, or consolidating cloud environments has its own unique set of challenges, especially for large, complex, or distributed Office 365 tenants.