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Success story: PulteGroup Case Study

PulteGroup Inc. Migrates EV Archive & Exchange Mailboxes to Office 365 with Quadrotech Managed Migration

Archive Shuttle 16 TBs – Enterprise Vault to Office 365 & 5,500 Mailbox Shuttle with DPOR 

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A couple of years ago, PulteGroup, a large homebuilding company based in the US, acquired a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Agreement. They planned to benefit from the centralized management, increased productivity, and reduced costs that the cloud promises. The email migration was delayed due to complexities with Enterprise Vault.

There were a couple of things that eventually influenced PulteGroup to move forward with the Office 365 mailbox deployment. PulteGroup had been running their Enterprise Vault archive on EMC Centera, a content-addressable storage (CAS) platform for data archiving. Wanting to retire Centera, PulteGroup realized that they needed to find a location for their Enterprise Vault archive data. With built-in archiving capabilities in Office 365 and an EA already in place, it made sense to migrate everything to Office 365 including their archive data and Exchange 2013 on-premises. PulteGroup realized that they could drastically streamline their operations and budget by following this route, so started their search for a migration tool that could get the job done.

Whichever tool PulteGroup chose it needed to handle many terabytes of data and a large number of mailbox migrations. It also needed to maintain their strict retention policies and ensure that these retention categories were replicated to their new cloud platform.


PulteGroup researched several migration tools, but none seemed to meet their needs. They finally discovered Quadrotech who could migrate their mailboxes and archive in a seamless manner while staying within their allotted budget.

PulteGroup chose a managed migration with Archive Shuttle and Mailbox Shuttle to ensure the required skills, resources, and bandwidth were available to manage the complex project. PulteGroup sent batches of users to the Managed Operations team, who then migrated and switched the mailbox over based on PulteGroup’s preferred schedule. Since Archive Shuttle and Mailbox Shuttle are tightly integrated, as soon as the mailbox migration completed, the archive migration for that batch of users began immediately. Migrating using Quadrotech’s solution Archive Shuttle, PulteGroup could ensure that their archive migration from EMC Centera storage followed best practice for Chain of Custody preservation, logging, auditing, and control.

Initially, PulteGroup wanted to add the retention tags to the mailbox directly, which required advanced scripting. Quadrotech wrote the custom scripts based on what PulteGroup needed but ultimately, they didn’t have the desired outcome, so the Quadrotech team reworked the scripts.

“In the end, we decided to remove the scripts entirely because Microsoft made some changes, but it was reassuring to know that Quadrotech was willing to work with us to ensure the desired result was achieved,” said Julie Harris Senior Infrastructure Manager of PulteGroup.

“Overall, our mailbox and archive migration project went extremely smooth due to several proofs of concept to ensure we were getting everything right,” stated Harris. “Quadrotech was extremely flexible and easy to work with. Even though we changed course a couple of times throughout the project, they kept the project on track while minding the budget constraints and requirements.”


Quadrotech’s quick and compliant migration of PulteGroup’s mailbox and archive data to Office 365 enabled them to free up infrastructure, reduce costs and take advantage of the features natively available in Office 365.

“Without Quadrotech’s help, we would likely have continued to manage 3 isolated platforms. By consolidating and optimizing one platform, Office 365, our IT team is better able to manage our information and take on other projects.”

About PulteGroup

PulteGroup has been providing the American Dream of homeownership to families for more than 60 years. What started as a single home built and sold by the entrepreneurial spirit of an 18-year-old Bill Pulte, has grown into the industry’s sole multi-brand homebuilding company with the ability to serve customers in all phases of life. Today, PulteGroup operates in approximately 50 markets throughout the country.


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