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Data Protection & Centralization in Office 365

Large Logistics & Supply Chain Company Migrates Archive and Journal Data to Office 365 with Quadrotech Managed Migration

Industry: Logistics & Supply Chain Services

Location: United States
Company Size: 20,000+ teammates
Solution(s): Quadrotech Archive Shuttle

To upgrade or migrate?

Many organizations first implemented third-party email archive systems in the days of Exchange mailbox storage quotas. The email was offloaded to an archive system to reduce storage and general resource consumption in on-premises Exchange environments. One of the largest Supply Chain Services leaders was no different; the organization used Veritas (previously Symantec) Enterprise Vault for 7 years and employed EV journal archives for compliance.

In 2016 the company explored an on-premise Exchange upgrade but during their research found that the cost to move to Office 365 was near equal. The built-in disaster recovery capabilities and a single service for multiple applications tipped the scale in favor of Office 365 as these features would satisfy a gap the company had in DR and make the data much easier to manage.

To make Office 365 even more affordable, the organization planned to retire their Enterprise Vault in favor of built-in archiving to offset the cost. Because Office 365 offers centralized compliance and search functionality, they would be able to remove a third-party eDiscovery system as well.

Office 365 migration requirements

According to the company’s IT Director, the main concerns with migrating to Office 365 were timelines and data integrity.

The IT Director explained,“We needed to get services off legacy applications to recover costs as well as simplify our support model. A manual migration using exports and imports would take too long, and asking our users to deal with multiple archives, or moving data themselves would have negatively impacted the perception of the Office 365 rollout.”

Finding the right migration tool and partner

The company discovered Quadrotech through a Google search for migration partners. Their IT Admins worked through the technical capabilities of each vendor to identify the best fit for their needs and the IT Director managed the contract negotiations as the Executive Sponsor.

The team ultimately decided to work with Quadrotech because of their complete solution. They were confident that Quadrotech could migrate their archive from Enterprise Vault, as well as their journal archive. Additionally, the organization had a newly acquired subsidiary that was only using PST files. Eventually, they would need a method to move PSTs as well, which Quadrotech is well-known for.

The Project

The IT Director stated, “Quadrotech’s Managed Migration gave us peace of mind. Once the environment was set up, our role in the archive migration consisted of sending an excel file for users to migrate in each wave. This allowed our team to focus on client migrations of live mailboxes and settings to minimize user impact. We were able to move over 6,000 mailboxes in six weeks.”

Using Archive Shuttle, Quadrotech successfully and compliantly migrated 6,022 users to Office 365, consisting of 27 terabytes of user archive data and 30 terabytes of Journal mailbox data.

“Overall our experience working with Quadrotech was positive. We had a small learning curve in getting things configured, but within a week we were set and testing. The customer service we received from Quadrotech was also a positive experience. We had a small number of Enterprise Vault user vaults that were corrupt and could not migrate but Quadrotech worked with us to find methods to address these sensitive users,” shared the IT Director.

This organization’s tips for migrating to Office 365:

  • Make sure you have a solid internal communication plan leading up to your migration. Some teammates might need more than a single email to prepare and remind them. Give users time to ask questions ahead of the migration to minimize user disruption and prevent issues.
  • Augment call center support staff to field Office 365 and migration questions. Bonus: this can help you evaluate talent for future openings on your support team.
  • Give yourself as much time as possible – you might run into unexpected bottlenecks (e.g. internet) that you’ll need to work through.

The outcome of moving to Office 365

It took a couple of days for archives to complete migration, but the organization experienced a minimal negative impact on their end users. In fact, since the migration, teammates are better managing their mailboxes and no longer struggle with the third-party Outlook plugin.

The company has already recognized several benefits of moving their archive and journal data to Office 365. With their old third-party tool, they would not have been able to recover their archives had there been a substantial failure. With the built-in redundancy and disaster recovery in Office 365, management is certain they’ll maintain business continuity even in the event of an outage or catastrophe.

A centralized location for emails, archives, discovery, and compliance has simplified data and systems management. With ‘anywhere access’ to Office 365, users can maximize productivity regardless of where they are.

Utilizing Quadrotech’s managed migration with Archive Shuttle, the Logistics & Supply Chain giant quickly took advantage of all that Office 365 has to offer while minimizing user disruptions.

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