At Quadrotech we support remote working and a culture of learning and continuous improvement. While specific benefits vary by country, we offer the following global benefits to all our roles.   

Global Benefits

  • A friendly workplace 
  • Generous holiday leave 
  • Access to skills training through LinkedIn Learning and relevant conferences
  • Additional one day paid leave on the Employee’s birthday 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Refer a friend bonus scheme 

Remote Working at Quadrotech

For many of us, working remotely is the new normal. At Quadrotech some of our employees are newly navigating remote working, while others are remote working pros, having never worked from a Quadrotech office.

Hear from some of our employees about their remote working experience at Quadrotech:

Shelley B,

Marketing Operations Manager

I’ve been working from home since the start of the Covid lockdown in March. I had never worked from home before, apart from the odd day here and there, so I had no idea how I would adjust to living and working in the same place for the foreseeable future. However, I’ve actually adjusted really well to working from home and have found a few positives. The big one is that my ‘commute’ is now a walk around Portishead Marina with a mocha – perfect way to start the day!

I’ve set up my laptop and screen at my dining table. I’ve added a plant, candle, and prints on the wall and look forward to sitting at my new ‘desk’ each day. It also helps that I sit next to a big window, there’s always people and dogs walking past, which is a good distraction when I need it – it’s a pretty good view as well, especially on a sunny day!! I make sure to go out each day at lunch and after work for a walk/run around Portishead Marina or the Lake Grounds/Sea Front.

I’ve found that working from home hasn’t impacted my productivity at all – it’s maybe even improved! When I’m not in virtual meetings, I take advantage of the quiet time to get on with my work with no distractions. Even when I was working from the office, most of the people I work closely with are across different locations/time zones, so being at home hasn’t impacted collaboration at all – we often have video calls. Hence, it feels like we’re in the same room anyway!

Working closely with US colleagues, I actually find it better working from home – if I need to work a slightly later day to meet with them, I don’t have to worry about my commute being longer due to traffic. It also means I don’t have to schedule early meetings for them, so it’s a win for all!

We’re a very social team/company and thanks to Microsoft Teams, we’re able to keep in touch via chat, video calls, and virtual happy hours. 😊

When it comes to managing my team remotely, we still have our weekly catch-ups with videos to feel connected and talk every day via Teams, so I haven’t found it much different from being in the office. We use Planner/Trello to manage our workloads, so it’s easy for me to check-in, and it helps structure our catch-ups. Plus, my manager is based in the US so I’ve always been used to virtual catch-ups with her, which helped me transition.

George D,

Channel Sales Director

I’ve been working remotely for over 10 years, so I’ve had the advantage of getting my routine worked out to deal with a home office's distractions. As an obvious statement - having Teams the last few years has really opened up how a remote worker can collaborate. But the statement cuts to the heart of addressing the basic human need to belong, which is so important for a remote worker. For example – having the ability to quickly see who in the company is online, busy, or available for a quick chat provides that feeling of connectedness. And then, if I want to peek my head into their remote office virtually, all I need to do is message - “you free for a quick chat?” And if I feel up to it, I can pop my video on - providing an even more connected experience. Teams has enabled a much richer experience that wasn’t there on Skype just a few years ago, and it makes remote working a bit more bearable and way more productive.