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Day One at Ignite 2017

Posted 26 Sep 2017

Anyone who’s ever tried to write a mission statement will tell you:  It is damnably difficult to articulate in a couple dozen words the essence of a company’s reason to exist.  Read more...

Microsoft Inspire News: Microsoft 365 & One Commercial Partner

Posted 12 Jul 2017

Greetings from the Microsoft Inspire conference in Washington DC!  It’s been a great week so far and only getting better. Read more...

Six Tips to Optimize Your Microsoft Ignite 2016 Experience

Posted 21 Sep 2016

I cited some stats in an ‘Ignite Countdown’ post a few weeks ago:  More than 20,000 attendees.  296 sponsors and exhibitors (including us, at booth #1948).  1,091 sessions from 518 speakers.  Those numbers have since increased to 1,364 sessions from 915 speakers. Read more...

T-minus One Month to Microsoft Ignite!

Posted 30 Aug 2016

Five days. More than 20,000 attendees. 296 sponsors and exhibitors. 1,091 sessions from 518 speakers. One MASSIVE party. Microsoft Ignite kicks off one month from today, and we’re fit to burst with excited anticipation. Here are five reasons why: Read more...

The P2P Amplifier

Posted 03 Aug 2016

Microsoft has long advised its partners to “Specialize.  Focus on what you do best, and partner for the rest.”  Microsoft itself adheres to that motto, and it invests heavily in programs to facilitate collaboration amongst the members of its partner ecosystem.  Why, though, does Microsoft, with all the resources at its disposal, care so deeply about the success of partners such as Quadrotech and Insentra? Read more...

Reflecting on an Action-packed Week at WPC16

Posted 15 Jul 2016

We just wrapped up an incredible week at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, and logic plus the laws of nature should dictate total exhaustion after four flat-out 18-hour days of meetings, sessions, and parties…..but instead I feel as though I’ve been jacked up with a jolt of high-voltage electricity.  Read more...

Ten WPC Tips from a Ten-year WPC Veteran

Posted 07 Jul 2016

Ten WPC Tips from a Ten-year WPC Veteran

On ten previous occasions I had the privilege and pleasure to represent my company at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference.  WPC’s value, while immeasurable to any partner committed to being great with Microsoft, can be summarized in one simple statement: Read more...

Imitation is the most annoying form of flattery

Posted 01 Jun 2016

Dear Competitors, Yesterday Microsoft recognized our tremendous success in FY16 by naming us a finalist for their Messaging Partner of the Year award.  We owe each of you a debt of gratitude for this honor, so…..thank you.  We couldn’t have gotten here without you. Read more...

On Being Great, Period

Posted 26 Apr 2016

I wrote a few weeks ago about being great with Microsoft, a topic near and dear to our collective hearts here at Quadrotech.  The response that article generated prompted me to ponder:  How exactly does one define greatness?  And who is qualified to make that definition? Read more...

Being great with Microsoft

Posted 15 Mar 2016

“For the cloud, we are all in.  Literally, I will tell you we are betting our company on it.”

  • Steve Ballmer, March 4 2010