Fast, successful migration without extra resource investment

Migration projects are temporary projects, but extra provisioning of on premise resources is often required so as not to overload the existing infrastructure. In addition, the skills required to manage the process are not part of the skill set of most IT professionals.

Using Quadrotech’s Cloud Migration Core Offload (CMCO) technology, the red tape, change control and temporary licenses or infrastructure obstacles are removed. This can dramatically improve extraction and ingestion speeds, leading to shorter project durations.

Benefits of Quadrotech cloud migrations

Quadrotech’s datacenter combines flexible architecture, our latest tools, and technological innovations such as AIP and HOTS to provide fast and secure cloud-hosted email migration. Managed migrations can also be performed.

Faster time-to-first-item and completion

Our cloud is already set up to avoid the need for time-consuming initial configuration and server deployment. Most of the components are already running, and we can provision new instances in less than 90 seconds.

We can successfully migrate your first item in just a few hours (on average, our clients are up and running with a time-to-first-item (TTFI) of less than two hours). As a result, you can be taking advantage of platforms such as Office365 much faster that with other approaches.

Reduced cost

CMCO servers run on 100% renewable energy and significantly reduce the cost involved in provisioning your own systems for migration by handling all the processing you need.

Assured security

As part of our focus on security, no email content ever transfers through Quadrotech’s CMCO platform. The Quadrotech cloud datacenter merely operates the core modules and is used to control processes.
Email metadata is encrypted locally and in transit before being exchanged between local and cloud servers using or We also preserve a full Chain of Custody so you can prove your archives retain integrity between source and target.

The Quadrotech datacenter

Using CMCO, we provide all the core infrastructure required, leaving you with a small required footprint for migration and removing the need for SQL Servers, dedicated migration servers or other hardware. For organizations that may not have large hardware resources available, this is a huge advantage. Our datacenter features tier-0 storage for SQL databases and extensive high availability/high performance on-demand SSD disk space on-demand, connected by a 10-Gbit backbone.

As well as providing a nerve center for managed migrations, the datacenter is able to host cloud versions of our unique ‘QUADStack’ products:

  • is the cloud version of our tool for extracting and managing migration of EV and other archives, and is capable of now running many migrations in parallel. It is also an essential element of the ‘triple cloud’ HOTS solution for reducing the volume of WAN data required.
  • is the cloud version of our live mail migration tool.
  • PST is our tool for discovering and migrating offline PST files.