Technically Speaking

Powering migration of email archives, Microsoft Exchange and PST files.

At Quadrotech we are passionate about developing the best technical solutions to address business and technology problems. And as the only vendor that delivers email archive, mailbox and PST migration in a single suite we want you to be able to take advantage of our technology whatever the challenges you face. This is why we built the Quadrotech Migration Suite on top of our own Quadrotech framework.

Quadrotech Migration Framework

Throughout the Quadrotech Migration Suite there are examples of technology leadership, all coming from the framework.

All our products make use of “Sync’n’Switch’ technology where migration is carried out in the background so tah target and source systems are synchronized before the use is switched over. The result is a great used experience without interruption, and the ability to manage migrations in the way that best meets your needs.


Find out more about ArchiveShuttle’s “Sync’n’Switch” approach here.

When it comes to any type of migration, time is of the essence. Any potential bottlenecks must be designed out wherever possible. For this reason Quadrotech employs a coordinated peer-to-peer architecture allowing maximum scalability through multithreading. Multiple export and import agents can run, across different locations as required, all co-ordinatewd by the central CORE server.

All the CORE server does is issue commands and control the workflow, the heavy lifting is done by the agents themselves. The CORE server has been proven to handle multiple instances of Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Exchange. Archives in excess of 250 TB have been migrated by ArchiveShuttle.

While the number of instances of archive or mailbox servers may be relatively small, when it comes to migrating PST files the number of locations can grow at an alarming rate. It’s not unusual to see PST projects embracing hundreds of thousands of PST file, across hundred in not thousands of locations.

PST FlightDeck is built to scale at these levels, and beyond. It uses is an intelligent agent that will scour the network to find all PST files, in any location, that couples with advanced centralizing technology to transfer files in a bandwidth and resource friendly way.

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