Simple migration of EV to a new platform

During the lifecycle of your Enterprise Vault (EV) implementation, the underlying storage platform may need to be changed. Storage products may be swapped out, they may reach end-of-life or they get replaced as part of an overall IT infrastructure review.

This may not mean your EV deployment needs to be completely restructured, but it will need to be safely migrated. Quadrotech EV Storage Migrator allows the underlying storage platform to be changed without fuss or unnecessary expense.

Requirements for EV storage migration

EV Storage Migrator is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It is focused on EV migrations within a single directory and employs a wizard-based approach that provides a ready-to-go solution, kicking off EV migration in minutes.

EV Storage Migrator shares much of its architecture and functionality with Archive Shuttle, but is optimized to simplify EV storage-only migrations within a single site. As such it is attractively priced for dedicated EV users.

Although simplified compared with Archive Shuttle, EV Storage Migrator’s functionality has not been compromised. Full end-to-end management, complete with Chain of Custody preservation, is provided in advanced administrator console.

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