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Radar Reporting

Office 365 Reporting Tool

What is Radar Reporting?

Radar Reporting is an automated enterprise-grade Office 365 reporting tool. The SaaS-based application gives you a comprehensive, unified view of your environment, enabling you to drill down into usage, security, and activity across the various Office 365 workloads.

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How does it work?

Using a secure Read-Only user account inside your Office 365 environment, we make a connection into Microsoft each day to collect information about your Office 365 environment, which is stored securely in our databases. The application uses this information to instantly generate your reports when you log in to your Radar Reporting account.
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What makes Radar Reporting different?

Radar Reporting provides 100+ detailed, customizable reports covering all key areas of Office 365. The application delivers far more granular information than the built-in Office 365 reporting functionality and enables you to export, schedule, and share insights across your entire organization in a secure and controlled manner. Radar Reporting is web-based, simple to use, secure, and performs in Office 365 environments of any scale.
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100+ reports, all major workloads, customized reporting.

Communication and collaboration systems

Exchange online: Monitor mail flow throughout your environment, with reporting on:

  • Mail traffic
  • Spam and malware
  • Settings: shared mailboxes, forwards set, archives, inactive users, and more.
  • Security: MFA enabled, password changes, etc.
  • Migration progress – with Cloud Commander reporting

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New: Teams Reports! Report on user activity, daily usage across the tool, and device types. Need to know where Teams is being used? If mobile devices are the primary method of interaction – then you need to make sure adequate security is in place.

SharePoint Online and OneDrive: Radar Reporting makes managing even the most complex SharePoint Online environments simple.

  • Manage your storage to prevent unnecessary costs
  • Review permissions to ensure that roles are assigned correctly, and identify any unique, non-inherited permissions set.
  • Audit settings across SharePoint Online to control how data is accessed and shared.
  • Monitor OneDrive usage and storage quotas

Other communication and collaboration services we report on include: Skype for Business, Yammer, Public Folders, and Groups.

Security settings

Password management: See when your users last changed their password, who has MFA enabled.

Keep an eye on your Admins: Office 365 Admins have higher privileges and can make various changes to your environment. Ensure that the right people are assigned this role, remove any inactive admins, and audit precise permissions carefully.

Mobile Device Management: Employee’s personal devices can pose a risk to corporate data if they’re not governed or secured correctly. Find out who is connecting to Office 365 using their mobile device, the device details, what policies have been set, and if there are any inactive devices.


See a full breakdown of Office 365 license subscriptions by user, by service, as well as tracking usage over time.

NEW License Analyzer: Find out how much you could save by reassigning licenses.

This visibility can support capacity planning, and enterprise agreement negotiations. License types can be audited across the organization to highlight unnecessary costs (e.g. users with non-activated products, inactive users that are licensed), to ensure everyone has the appropriate license type, and product licenses they need.

Custom Report Builder

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the range of pre-defined reports? Build it yourself with the Custom Report Builder.

Use the Custom Report Builder to generate bespoke reports by selecting the data fields you want (any Azure AD attribute) and applying filters to get the information you need. Our Custom Pivot Report provides even more powerful ways to manipulate your Office 365 data, making it possible to see vast amounts of data grouped together by different attributes simultaneously.

Key features

  • Flexible: Fully customisable date ranges and unlimited historical data storage for trend analysis.
  • Formatted: Reports can be exported as .CSV or pre-formatted PDF (and you can add your own branding)
  • Automated: Schedule reports to run automatically and send them directly from the application via email.
  • Detailed: Extensive range of multi-level filters, columns, chart types, and data points – each can be toggled ‘on’ or ‘off’ to get the exact view you require.
  • Secure: Create as many user accounts as you want and configure RBAC permissions so that they’re only able to see the reports they need.
  • Customizable: Can’t find the exact report you need? Build it, with our Custom Report Builder, using any Azure AD attribute.

Explore Radar Reporting for yourself! Try our full-feature live demo, or take a free 14-day trial (no credit card required, no commitment)

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FAQs - Radar Reporting

A. We collect information from your Office 365 tenant every 24 hours.

A. Radar Reporting runs on Amazon Web Services, with servers physically located in the North East of the USA. These cloud services are protected by certified security practices, and Safe-Harbour Certified for compliance with EU Data Protection Requirements.

EU data hosting is now available for some subscription types. For more information about Radar Reporting and EU Data Protection, please visit our EU Data Protection FAQs or contact us.

A. We take security very seriously and have built Radar Reporting to OWASP security guidelines:

Radar Reporting runs within a Secure Private Network on the Amazon Web Services cloud, physically located in the North East of the USA. The Amazon Data centers are protected by certified security practices.

Customer data is logically separated in our back-end databases and is only accessible by senior Administrators. User account passwords are securely encrypted and stored within our database.

User accounts can be additionally secured using Two Factor Authentication which is available to all users free of charge.

All the components of our infrastructure communicate with each other over an encrypted SSL channel. Find out more about security features here.

A. We collect information on Azure AD attributes, Exchange Online Mailbox Statistics, Mailbox Objects and more. A full list of the data and details we collect can be found here:

A. Radar Reporting has various options for sharing data securely, including scheduled reports which are automatically emailed to your chosen recipient, publishing a dashboard, emailing and saving a report, or alerting based on specific events.

A. Every report has multiple methods to configure the data shown, but it can vary from report to report. There is a customizable table in every reporting, where you can add or remove different data fields. Most reports have a chart, which is also fully customizable, you can change the chart type, the date range, and toggle the data points on or off.

A. Radar Reporting is licensed per Office 365 user, per year. Find out more about pricing and our simple sign up process here.

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