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PST Flight Deck

Automated PST identification, migration, and elimination.

What is PST Flight Deck?

PST Flight Deck identifies, migrates and removes PST files from your environment. The solution can identify ownership, remove passwords, repair corrupt files, and filter out old or redundant PSTs. Once all the files have been processed, and ingested into Exchange or Office 365, the old files will be deleted automatically, and detach without errors.

What makes PST Flight Deck different?

Our advanced extraction and ingestion technologies guarantee a fast migration that keeps your users happy through continuous access to their data, and leverages intelligence to minimize administrator intervention wherever possible.

FAQs - PST Flight Deck

A. The tool automatically de-duplicates all PST file content on an item-level basis, to ensure that backup and duplicate content does not end up in the target system.

A. PST Flight Deck will process files according to the ownership details, but rather than just accept that these details are correct it has a built-in 8-factor mechanism to verify file ownership.

If discrepancies are found, for example if more than one owner is detected, PST Flight Deck will automatically notify operators who can verify ownership and assign the correct owner prior to ingestion.

A. Yes, PST Flight Deck can remove passwords and process the file contents.

A. PST Flight Deck can repair corrupted files, so no data is lost during the process.

Key features

Using an intelligent and automated approach, PST Flight Deck can:

  • Scan local drives, attached USB devices, and network shares.
  • Run detailed reporting of PST location and size.
  • Manage user policies, interaction, notification and authorizations.
  • Offer secure, automatic centralization, with newly enhanced bandwidth control.
  • Filter, verify, and de-duplicate files, with password removal, and corruption repair.
  • Deliver rapid ingestion into the new platform, with automated elimination of old PSTs.
  • Supports Microsoft Azure, on-premises, or hybrid set up.
  • Handle leaver’s PST files with terminated account workflows.
  • Enable flexible user management with profile-based workflows.
  • Provide Macintosh support for both PST and OLM files.
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