Mailbox Shuttle

What is Mailbox Shuttle?

Mailbox Shuttle is a bespoke email migration service, enabling the transfer of Exchange Mailboxes and Exchange Archives quickly and safely to Office 365 or Exchange.

What makes Mailbox Shuttle different?

The solution uses intelligent automation to minimize end user disruption. It is highly customizable to ensure a seamless transition, even for more complex enterprise-scale email environments.

Our cloud-hosted deployment Mailbox Shuttle.cloud avoids the need for initial configuration or server deployment. It can be used when resources are constrained, or when you need to get up and running fast.

FAQs - Mailbox Shuttle

A. If you can do it in PowerShell, we can execute it in the workflow. This removes many of the manual tasks that need to occur during a mailbox migration. Add a user to an NT group, apply Office 365 licensing, modify SMTP addresses, enable/disable Skype for Business, and more.

A. Yes, Mailbox Shuttle can automatically move both at the same time, or separately.

A. In the majority of configurations Outlook can use ‘Auto-discover’ to redirect Outlook. This means no reconfiguration is required.

A. The solution works with Exchange 2007 or later and can migrate into Office 365 and other Exchange Systems.

A. Mailbox Shuttle integrates seamlessly with our email archive migration solution Archive Shuttle. This allows you to set the schedule in Mailbox Shuttle and monitor the entire migration workflow including legacy archives.

Key features

  • Ensures continuous access to email
  • Highly automated and workflow-based process
  • Full reporting options to track progress
  • Integrates with other Quadrotech products seamlessly
  • Custom PowerShell script engine
  • Licensed per user
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