Archive Shuttle

What is Archive Shuttle?

Archive Shuttle is a bespoke email archive solution, migrating enterprise email archives and journal data quickly and securely to Office 365 or other archiving systems. The solution preserves interdependencies with email, mitigating bandwidth constraints, and delivering seamless user access during the migration.

What makes Archive Shuttle different?

Archive Shuttle is fast, intelligent, and highly automated. The solution uses Sync ‘n’ Switch technology to uncouple data from user migration, ensuring seamless access to archive data throughout the migration. The leavers feature automates the creation of terminated user archives in Exchange Online. The newly created archive account is used as the target for the migration, providing terminated user’s data a permanent home in your new solution. Then, this archive is placed on legal hold, enabling the leaver data to be discoverable for all your legal or compliance needs without requiring a license for the user in the target.

This dashboard view shows Archive Shuttle’s progress and migration speeds

This dashboard view shows Archive Shuttle’s progress and migration speeds

FAQs - Archive Shuttle

A. We are able to find the correct owner using metadata from various sources, including Active Directory, and automatically assign the legacy archive to their mailbox.

A. Yes, using custom workflows many options can be assigned to a profile. This enables a customized workflow to be created within the same solution, without additional hardware or licensing.

A. Archive Shuttle has a number of reporting options which allow you to get a total view of your migration progress and any issues that may arise during migration.

A. Archive Shuttle can be paired with Mailbox Shuttle, so you can create a custom workflow, including PowerShell scripts. The schedule is controlled in Mailbox Shuttle, so your email and archive migration can be managed through one user interface.

The Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) leverages the latest ingestion technologies to achieve migration speeds that are dramatically faster than traditional EWS methods while maintaining a lower ingestion error rate.

Our cloud-hosted deployment Archive Shuttle.cloud minimizes on-site footprint and hardware requirements, and drastically accelerates migration projects.

Key features

  • Highly automated and workflow-based process
  • Simple, automated process for managing ‘Leavers’ or ‘Orphaned’ archives
  • Preserves Chain of Custody
  • Schedulable reporting that can be sent to project stakeholders
  • Selective migrations available to ‘migrate what you need’
  • Journal explosion – the ability to deliver an instance of a message from a journal archive to all recipients of that message.

Supported Sources and Targets



 Veritas Enterprise Vault Veritas Enterprise Vault
 EMC SourceOne/ EmailXtender  Microsoft Exchange
 HP Autonomy/ Zantaz EAS Office 365 Exchange Online
 Dell/Quest Archive Manager Proofpoint
 PST files PST files
 Sherpa Archive Attender
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