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Cloud Commander

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool

Migrate, consolidate, or relocate Office 365 tenants with Cloud Commander

Cloud Commander enables collaboration between Office 365 tenants and delivers a systematic, structured approach for migrating data between tenants. Cloud Commander currently offers Exchange Online and OneDrive migrations, with additional workloads, like SharePoint Online coming to the tool very soon.

What makes Cloud Commander different?

Cloud Commander is installed in your Azure environment, delivering security and speed. Your data doesn’t leave the confines of your environment, ensuring privacy and control. It also allows for the update of both source and target on-premises Active Directories objects, and this facilitates the migration and coexistence for those in a hybrid deployment. The same feature set is available for those who have a cloud-only deployment.

The secondary benefit is speed. The fastest migrations are those closest to the data, and by deploying in Azure, the solution can leverage this proximity and command top speeds for your data transfer. The migration is orchestrated in a modern user interface, that’s clearly presented, and easy to use.

FAQs - Cloud Commander

A. Once deployed: Cloud Commander matches source and target mailboxes, and they’re entered into a migration wave.  These migration waves are then scheduled to move mailbox data.

Once enabled for migration: Quadrotech’s AIP technology facilitates the fast transfer of data.

Once data has been migrated: Mailboxes are completed or “switched”. This means that Cloud Commander will adjust Active Directory, Azure AD, or Exchange Online objects to complete the migration, and enable coexistence.

Finally: a workstation agent will be triggered to update the end user Outlook profile.

A. There are a couple of key differences. Microsoft’s MRS functionality is only able to move mailboxes, whereas Cloud Commander can migrate additional workloads, and is expanding to include even more. Cloud Commander also has various management features to help you simplify and automate the entire process, including: who gets migrated, when, and how the migration is orchestrated. The Microsoft cross-tenant solution requires a much more manual approach and is not as equipped to deal with the complexities that large organizations face during these projects.

5 Stages to Consider for a tenant-to-tenant Office 365 migration

A. Cloud Commander was designed as cloud-based solution and runs primarily in an Azure environment. If required, the solution can provision Azure resources. The resource requirements for Cloud Commander are directly correlated to the total number of users and the respective data volume for these users. As it is possible to change resources in Azure relatively easily, you may choose to start with lower requirements, and ramp up as the project grows.

Key Features

  • Fast Data Migration
    Cloud Commander utilizes Advanced Ingestion Protocol (AIP) technology for both the export and import of data to achieve rapid data transfer rates. When AIP is combined with additional features like mailbox parallelism, batch size, and item grouping, the speed of the migration is accelerated significantly, and the project can be completed quicker.
  • Outlook Updates Automatically
    The Outlook profile update agent is installed on end-user workstations eliminating the need for user interaction in the migration process. Once a mailbox has been migrated, the profile will be reconfigured automatically, keeping end users working and reducing migration related help desk tickets.
  • On-Premises Exchange Systems
    Cloud Commander also supports migrations from Office 365 to on-premises Exchange Systems and from on-premises Exchange Systems to Office 365. These scenarios are very common for companies undertaking a Merger, Acquisition, or Divestiture project.
  • Modern Office 365-based UI
    As you can see below, the UI is clear, easy to navigate, with dashboards and visual representations of progress.
Monitor your tenant to tenant migration progress in a clear dashboard with a familiar UI

Monitor your tenant to tenant migration progress in a clear dashboard with a familiar UI

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Services

If you need to migrate users from one Office 365 tenant to another, please fill out the form below and our expert Office 365 migration team will be in touch to discuss your project and offer a quote.

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