Managed and assisted migration services

Safe, compliant email migration by experts

Email migration is a specialist discipline. Ensuring you contain risk, cost and complexity requires comprehensive planning and reporting. During the actual project, decisions need to be made on managing exceptions as they arise, fine-tuning data to speed up the process, and escalation of unforeseen issues.

Internal IT departments are often focused on ‘business as usual’ operations, and not all enterprises have the skills, resources or bandwidth to manage a complex email migration project in house. That’s where Quadrotech’s managed services can help.

Quadrotech’s unique integrated framework of applications is already trusted worldwide for migration of live mailboxes, email archives and PST files. Our products are used by leading businesses and public sector organizations to ensure compliance and Chain of Custody, and to ensure projects are completed as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

With many years’ experience, our consultants have developed reliable, predictable methodologies using these tools that allow you to achieve business benefits in the fastest possible time. Working remotely or on premise, Quadrotech’s experts will be with you every step of the way.

Benefits of managed and assisted migration

  • Easy management with one price, one contract, and one vendor.
  • No nasty surprises; ensure all necessary aspects are in scope and accurately budgeted.
  • Simple, affordable, competitive pricing bundles compare favorably with using in-house or unaffiliated third-party resource.
  • Assurance that the legal, regulatory and other compliance requirements you stipulate are fully met at every stage of the project life cycle.
  • Better visibility of project timeline and faster completion.
  • Cloud-based service can reduce load on in-house system network and resources during migration.
  • Less risk of disruption to normal business operations.
  • Special requirements can be addressed rapidly as we own the toolset.

Standard managed migration services

Our proprietary best practice frameworks, methodologies and tools provide simple, repeatable ways to manage migration at a fixed cost. We manage the entire migration from source to target, with all required set up, pilot, migration and status monitoring performed by Quadrotech certified migration experts.

Quadrotech’s easy-to-understand pricing bands for standard migrations are based on volumes of data to be migrated. Each package combines licenses, services, and support in a single price-per-TB.

Migration project activities included

  • Installing import/export modules.
  • Configuration and technical pilots.
  • Mapping and setting up business pilots.
  • Daily check of system and migration.
  • Daily enabling of new user batches according to enablement strategy.
  • Weekly report generation.
  • Final analysis and report.

Remote managed migration using Quadrotech cloud services

Using the Quadrotech cloud reduces load on your hardware, software and network resources compared with running your project in house. This can be particularly useful when moving to cloud with the intention of decommissioning aging infrastructures, and prevents unnecessary investment in equipment that will only be used temporarily.

Our web-based interface provides detailed status and report generation on demand.

Quadrotech manages the entire migration from source to target. All required set up, pilot, migration and status monitoring is performed by Quadrotech certified migration experts.

Cloud-based service features (using

  • No migration hardware onsite required
  • Very fast thanks to enterprise flash storage
  • Almost no WAN bandwidth needed
  • No migration content leaves customer security boundaries
  • Fastest TTFI (Time to First Item migrated) on the market

On-premises managed migration

If, for operational or compliance reasons, you need to run the project on-premise, we can offer you a service tailored to your needs with comparable service levels to our remote managed migrations packages.

Bespoke managed and assisted email migration services

If customers have special requirements we are able to tailor bespoke packages that meet specific customer needs, from simple migrations between Exchange and Office 365 to complex requirements involving multiple sources, archives and targets.

We can take on the entire project on your behalf, or assist your internal team to guide and support them through the migration process.

The specialists who work on your managed migration project are part of the same team that develops our products and manages our datacenter, where our remote modules and services such as and hosted SQL server are located. That means special customer requirements can be accommodated without having to refer them through a lengthy change control process with a separate vendor.

Please note that Quadrotech managed and assisted migration services are only available to customers in the North America and EMEA regions.